Wednesday, May 05, 2010

May 5th EKG w closing spx for comparison

Timing for today

180bars at 11am
13 day cycle at 11am

204 bars @ 1pm
228bars at 3pm
Today is marked as a Gann turn, but it looks very much like that hit yesterday

it also looks like April26th at 1220 might be it for a while as described by my math examples

The May chart stands as published

more later


Reza said...

Does this match up in reverse

Reza said...

Joe8888 posted this one. Jay do u have any analysis based on this

Kc135a said...

If SPY 117.43 holds as resistance the markets should dump later in the day or early tomorrow. Otherwise, more up.

ARAK said...

ES 1155 to 1172.5 .. wow .. made me quite the nervous wreck trying a long today. Anyways, holding 25% with stop at 1160 after dumping 75% at 1172.5. Knife catching is sure a dangerous sport.

Kc135a said...

Looks to me that 117.43 failed to become support.

Party on bears. One more leg down to the low 115's should do it to the downside for a while.

AS said...

KC - how do you get this stuff ... :)

Jay Strauss said...

I dont know what you want from that chart. Ive already discussed now to August and Spt

Arak et all

Dont even think about longs until Thsday's close

Neg energy all day
along with 60bars right at close OR open Friday, but I think it will be at close - thsday

If lower open Friday = A GREAT ONE DAY BUY OPP.

Power index slips from 600 on Monday May3rd to as low at 250 on open on 10th, then spurts higher right after

13 day cycle over taken with lower low at open and now at 3pm

using 40 pt rule of thumb
1220 - 80 = 1140



AS said...

Interesting that if we cannot bounce here I am coming up with 1154 and 1147 as the level to drop, I think we bounce from there, if we cannot break spy 117 soon ...

KC saw your other chart ... can you share how you come up with the projection after 115 level ?

TIA :)

AS said...

Jay - can you share what you see for aug / sept ... I saw your projections for May only ... and you were expecting a mid july top - is that right or is there additional info ?

Kc135a said...


Simple 76.4% fib retracement. On less than a daily time frame all you need to know is the 50, 76.4, 100, and 127.2% extensions.

Play with them, ..., they will amaze you.

Jay Strauss said...

I published a GRAPH of 1938
comparing to NOW

the REBOUND high of 63% was followed
by lower highs and lower lows for about 4 months.

That would get us into Aug & spt
end of May
End of June
August 120th
Mid June
Mid July

Take a look at the 1938 graph
does that not explain it all?