Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May 11th EKG & Power index update

As we can see from the above spx of today, the EKG did perform well- AGAIN
POWER index above should be more representative of actual events
published 5/11 @ noon

As per the power index we have a reversal in play today

how low can you go?

as discussed in yesterday's comments, we might expect 50% to 60% back to spx 1100 area
in next 2 days thru 13th

bar cycles
258bars at 1pm
30bars at 3;30

Merc direct tonight might give a boost to tomorrow's open,
but I dont think it will have follow thru till next week



RickyBobby said...

Oh my Gold stocks!

Gottta love them.

Reza said...

Flash News - Here are few great trades
Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Dear Members,

Markets are trading as predicted, one trillion dollar bailout plan for EURO zone proven very short live as expected, dollar is solid like rock but same time gold is following dollar. Rest of metals including silver is not following gold that’s surprising many including me. Currently gold is rising and you have to give respect to trend or current momentum. This week newsletter we mentioned higher side gold would reach $1219 lower side $1184 (which achieved yesterday), both target have achieved. It indicates, that gold will trade in this range and once it break either side and trade above or below target for more than 2 hours (one zodiac house time frame) will force gold/silver into new territory. Higher side is limited and lower side can move to $1123 if it breaks $1184. Don’t trade aggressive until 27th May because Mars is negative, and we have been mentioning that buyer and seller will get burn as this is time which give loss and profit same time.

Note: Today, 10.30 AM New York time atsro cycle is turning negative for gold and ematls so watch this. I will let you know, once I get strong sell signal in gold but surely I won’t recommend any buying, one can sell around $1219 with stop-loss of $1231.80 and I am sure you will able to make some profit. I still warn gold investors at this stage because if any fall comes, it will huge and because of gold some financial crises can hit market.

Base metals are trading weak as predicted in newsletter, expect gold everything else is trading as per planets guidance. Don’t buy copper, platinum, palladium, zinc, nickel, aluminum. Another ten percent fall is there.

Oil trading as predicted, Monday we expected stronger trend but from Tuesday we expect weaker trend and it will trade weak. Target oil $55.

Grains trading weak and we are not recommending any buying except corn, sell Soy and Wheat (this will a great hedging trade).

We advise to buy coffee around $132.20, and avoid all other soft commodities, hold short if you have any.

Yesterday stock market went up sharply on One Trillion Euro pump in news, but they proven short live. We recommended in newsletter to sell on late Monday or early Tuesday and we can see that all markets today started trading. Markets are in short term as well as medium-term bear market so be careful before you jump in. We see at least 18 to 23% corrections within next three months, it means that markets will remain in bear trend. Sell on rise.

Dollar trading very strongly, many big names are our members and they appreciating for this advice. I don’t deserve thanks, all create goes to astrology. Our next medium term target is $88.80 for dollar Index. Euro will touch 1.1889. Canadian and Australian dollar will trade weak sharply so hold your shorts for medium term. Dollar strengthening will continue whole this week,

Yen will trade positive for whole of this week, short term target is 1.09870.r

Anonymous said...

small short here at 1152.2. 3.5pt stop.

Anonymous said...

well that never turned out to plan.i should have waited for a higher high before selling i suppose.i have turns very near your bar turns today jay,they should both be lows i reckon at 1:00 and 3:30.

Jay Strauss said...

228 bar cycles at 11am
was a pivot leading to a
1pm HIGH

258bars can extend up to 1hour or 270 bars, but we dont change the count, or it might have truncated
at 252 b@ 12:30
it remains to be seen

ON rare occasions
when 252 bars makes the low
258 bars makes the NEXT TURN

And the HOURLY times
of 11am,& 1pm are precise, so far


Jay Strauss said...

Heres some additional info

Mars on the 13th is 90 the
moon@ 11:43 am

Remember that Mars, sun ,moon,Pluto
Jupiter & Saturn were all active on the 6th and days read was for out of kilter

Now we are coming to the 13th
New moon at 9pm should energize the day, but not in a friendly way

Also on the 13th
Mars is 0 Admetus has been knwon to be a POINT OF PANIC

combinations on the 13th also include
Mars- moon - Saturn-& pluto
a little different than the 6th but all still active

there is a LOW tide at 2;35pm, along with a 50% /13 day cycle at the same time.

NO guarantees that anything important will occur, but the atmosphere does seem ripe

more later

Abdullah said...

I just wanted to post an excerpt from my allocation thread with compared May 6, 2010 to October 10, 2008.

"Now whats scary is the volume which traded last Thursday May 6th. The volume was huge!! Whats even more scary is the similiarity with the day where we last saw that much volume trade. Everyone take a look at October 10, 2008. This day was the last time the volume broke 10 billion. Now if you look at what happened after Oct 10, 2008 you see that the market tanked until we hit the May 2009 bottom"

Abdullah said...

took VXX at 24.61

Anonymous said...

lows hit at 1:20 and 3:20.slightly out but still usefull.i am now swing short from 1159.7.hoping to hold for the next 2 weeks all going well.

Joe said...

Looks like EKG worked like a charm.... Nice call Jay.

Joe said...

Are you still looking May to play to like this: