Tuesday, May 04, 2010

1938 and NOW

Ive shown chart this before from 1938

It demonstrates what happens AFTER the MKT peaks on its 62.8% TOP coming off a major low

Now we need to identify WHEN the mkt would make its first lower level, etc

You can see clearly 5 waves OFF the 63% top as Ive been projecting
into early August and or late Spt

BUT first we need to ID May's market, and I THINK my graph as posted
shows the potential for the month

The mkt tracks a 4/8 day cycle pivot low, last one on Friday Apr 30-
making May 6th the next suspected low along with negative energy
as Ive posted several times

4/8 day also sets up May 28th along with negative energy that day

ISNT is FIBO coincidence that the GAIN was 63% from the 900 pts lost
& 554 spx pts, also representing a fibo 55 x 10

using the gain of 550 pts - what can we expect to lose in the next few months
heres some math that we can look at as examples to study
none of which is MY {PROJECTION}, JUST THE FACTS , Maam

14.6% drop = 80 = spx 1140

NOW heres something IVE POINTED out several times
the SPX tends to move in 40 pts legs and multiples of it
40 X 14 = 560, ACTUAL was just a bit shy of that level ,
but had been projected by some at 1226 --DAMN close enuf

23.6% = 130 pts = spx @ 1090
38.2 % = 210 pts = spx @ 1010
both fibo #s x 10

and very close to 40 pt multiples
40 x 3 = 120 pts @ 1100
40 x 5 = 200 pts @ 1020

Both of the above math models are very close to each other

What will May 6th bring ??
I cant tell you that, but I feel confident about May 6th as a turn

remember again
monthly turns at or near
the number 5 which numerology represents CHANGE

ISNT it ALSO a COINCIDENCE that 1220 added = 5, CHANGE- hmmmm.

And it all hinged on China & CURRENCY ???

and I wont even apologize for being a day late

more later


ARAK said...

may 5/6 is a gann turn date as well

sirgiyan said...

That's impressive and it makes sense.
You, son of a Daneric, Jay...

Jay Strauss said...

May 5th Gann date seem like the TURN
HIT with a vengeance on the 4th.

Today should just chop around and make a little lower low at 11am, but tomrrow COULD take out another 2 to 3 %

spx 1140-1145 area suspect for support


sirgiyan said...

GDX calls are doing great. We backtested the big triangle which points towards more upside