Friday, February 29, 2008

jaywiz index

The jaywiz index recorded a low # today @ .15

thats a sell for today, but also look for a low point to buy some calls for a high on march 5th.


Thursday, February 28, 2008

Its cold in Fla

42 degrees during my walk at 9am- brrr
good thing we have the sun shining its warmth- we usually hide from it, (G)

All my signals are on a sell for today, Feb 28
times are
3;30 pm
Expect rebound tomorrow
would like tosee a lower open Friday, but i tend to doubt they will be that accomodating.


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

8 day cycle

I wrote 2/6 for the 8 day cycle and I meant 2/26 yesterday on close.
BUT one of my associates is counting 8days as one day after my count as intraday which means

that means the next 8 day cycle is March 10th intrday, but on close could be Friday March 7th on close. High or low,? you ask ? good question.
Im placing March 6th midday as a high, thus the 7th should be a low, and there is a new moon at noon:15.

Jaywiz index = .53 and is marginally a buy, but we will see what it posts today.

Best Wishes

Over the top

8 day high hit yesterday at mid day- funny how a major power outage ocurred in Fla right at 1:05pm

futures down strongly and could open lower and become an outside day with a lower low;

180 bars cycle @ 10:30 am
204b @ 12:30
228b @2.30

Was out last 2 days as family energency took me away from home base.

2/6 = 8 day cycle and it appears to have been a high
previous 8day cycles = 2/13 high--- 2/1high-----1/22low
Next 8 trade day cycle = May 7th

13 tr day cycle 2/21 = was a low
then March 11th should be a high, but im looking for it on March 14th

As for today and tomorrow, Im looking for a lot lower trading and the exact low should hit Thruday at the close.

Friday should be AUSPICIOUS. Its UP and away to at least March 4th or 5th b4 any selling of concern sets in.

Best Wishes

Sunday, February 24, 2008

What rally?

The rally last friday in the last hour retraced 200 points on the dow.
Was that the rally I was expecting for Monday??

Im seeing that as a distinct possibility

Therefore, I am going to short ANY upside open within the first 30 minutes to one hour.- this is assuming it opens higher.

If it opens lower, they always rebound somewhat, and that point would be my signal to buy puts.
Im using the Q's as they are easy to trade and easy to follow.

Jaywiz Index = .33, not hugely bearish, but certainly NOT bullish as it is nowhere near the .50level required to consider a bullish day.

OEX pc ratio also a little bearish @ .90, but add that to a 5 or 10 day aver onto yesterday's .54 level.
CBOE pc ratio @ 1.15 would usually be bullish, but we are in a downtrend until the 28th, IMO, and those levels are not very bullish just yet.


Friday, February 22, 2008


Im really upset with myself

I pegged the bar count at 4pm today as the low off an earlier 90b cycle @ 11:15am

The LOW hit at 3pm; WHY; its easy when you go back after the fact. -- yesterday hit a 259 bar low at 3:15, ADDING 70 bars = a complete cycle of 329 and bingo at 3pm---GRRR;

Still made $$$, but not nearly as much

Getting ready to buy the open Monday which "SHOULD" open lower as maybe disappointment over the AMBAC issue not resolving over the weekend, but the afternoon calls for a financial boon

So, what we didnt make today will have to wait for Monday


flat Futures today

Flat to somewhat lower at the open.
indications leading me to look for lower all day today, and starting out Monday at a low point, but Monday and Tuesday AM should be a good day for the bulls, BUT NOT today.

thanks to the many who are asking for additonal info by email.
Start with the foundation for study of cycles

Keep a daily record of major stock indeces and write down your thoughts for the day to see if they coincide with the days events- How did you feel today? what did you trade? how did it do? If you dont question why& how, you will never be able to make a change.

I am an obsever, not only of stocks, but also whats going on around you. Sounds and make up of natural noises during the day, even.sireens, etc. Many who are in public service can tell you about full moon effect, but there's a lot more that goes on behind the scenes.

Even the FEd reserve now has documents relating to geomag changes in pressure leading to the advance and decline in stock prices.

google search's can bring you to sites that have info. start with


ive been thinking about putting together a booklet that might be called tech analysis for dummies, including me. I had something in 1992, and sold it over the web, but got caught up in a very lucrative job. maybe its time to reinvent that booklet.

Best Wishes

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Counting bars

Counting bars without stopping for a beer is really tough (GG)
Today hit 204b @ 10.45 and was 15 minutes late
228 b @ 12.45 was 45 minutes late
that threw off the 259 bar cycle which now projects to occur @ 3:15 and it did exactly that.

Today was just s difficult as any other day but they still fell into line and provided the down day I was looking for just as my JAYWIZ index @ .17 projected.

Today's Jaywiz INDEX is .23 and also very bearish as is
CBOE PC ratio @ .96
OEX pc ratio @ and amazing .54
SPX 500 pc ratio = 1.34
All of the above are screaming SELL SELL SELL

However, I dont think it will be that easy.

Im still expecting an UP open to rebuy a put position that I sold for an 18% gain
Adjusted bar cycles on the 21st:
60b @ 11am
90B @ 1:30, and I think this will be the low of the day
120 b @ 4pm is usually held over to 126b which would be @ 10 am on Monday

Best Wishes

PS, Thanks for your note, Peter; i'll try to keep up the good work. Science has contributed greatly to my accuracy, and we all know just how hard it is to do that on a day to day basis, and YES, I do mess up at times, but my record the past 4 months has been better than 90%/ I think I missed about 5 days within that time period.
I keep daily hand written records of the daily dow, spx, nasdaq, gold,sliver $, & oil & any notes such as bar counts.
I also have 2 spread sheets with some mathematical formulas,multiple cycles, astro data, bar counts, solar effect levels, & another set of sheets recording daily pressure & gravitational readings;
This has been a work in progress, and Im amazed each time I find something new to me that shows me the Money

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

ZIG & Zag

Sounds like a broadway show(G)

just like I told someone, today's open was just the opposite of Tuesday, and so was the close
Eclipse and full moon are like the energizer bunny- they keep on going.

Jaywiz INDEX = .17 and that indicates selling tomorrow, day after full moon eclipse
Looking for a brief higher open
204 bars @ 10am, but 210b might be more important @ 10:30
228b next @ noon
259b @ 2:30, then moves up into close
60b @ 10am
90b @ 1pm
126b@ 3;30, then higher into close.

Is anyone recording these times other than me?

Best Wishes

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

abc x abc

where does this complex abc x abc wave END? and how high

We are in a correction pattern against a downtrend

So far they got to SPX 1316 and as high as SPX 1395

1575-1275= 300 pts
300 x 40%= 120
1275 + 120 = 1395
Next fibo level = 50% = 150 pts = spx 1420- very doable, but when? = March 14th is when.

Until March 7th its a game of give and take, or wild swings within a range from 1330 to 1370

today was picture perfect
lows hit @ 11am = 66 bars
@ 1pm , very minor dip = 90 bars

Venus 45 to Uranus @ 2;18 turned market into a dive,
and the next important bar count is 126b @ 10 am tomorrow

After which they can run it up till mid day before looking for the next bar cycle @ 180b = 3pm.

Best Wishes

Friday, February 15, 2008

Heading Lower

some of what I wrote got left out???

Today is the 15th and so far we got a 10 am low, now waiting for noon to noon:30

I am hoping for a 1pm high to buy puts and HOLD over the long weekend- this is something not usually recommended but this time all indications show a lower close today and more selling on the 19th.

20th does show a strong rebound as it is eclipse day

Low on 22nd should be the Feb low and might match with the Jan lows or lower.
Best wishes

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Bar counts

Today's bar count was right on target, but still very hard to follow, but I'm managing;

120bars @ 10.10 ---- this is usually 126 bars
156B @ 1:15 -------close to 160
174b @2.50pm -------close to 180
190 b @ 4pm ----------UNFINISHED biz tomorrow

FEb 15
204 Bars @ 10.30
228 bars @ 12:30
259 bars @ 3pm

One would think tomorrow would be the same as today, However, pressure readings dont agree with a down day, at least to start.
Heres my thinking.

first < 30pm =" 329">

I did well with puts today and sold out at 2:50pm.
I will be looking to get short again tomorrow on any rally between 10:30, and noon. Unless it opens with a rebound at the open, first 10 minutes, altho I dont see any reason why it should.
Best Wishes

Feb 13 = Bradley

It now appears obvious the Bradley date of Feb 13 might have provided a high.
I really should have been more aware of the turn at a high rather than a one day dip.
Feb8th did provide a low, and I was touting a rally on the 11th which was opposed by some of my associates, and the continuation on the 12th was no suprise, thus the 13th BRADLEY high should NOT have been a surprise.

Today should take some away from the high of yesterday but Friday will be an EXCELLENT shorting OPP for next week into an eclipse that is not only conj with the moon 0 saturn, but also a Sun 180 Saturn-- These are NOT happy combinations and human nature will not react well when it comes to stock prices.

There is a FED reserve study that shows people DO react to gravitational changes, and when it comes to stock decisions & tend to sell when the gravitational effects people in a negative fashion.

Ive mentioned this many times in the past. PEOPLE do not go out to BUY anything when they are feeling down or depressed, but tend to pull back and lock in.

Any rally on Friday should NOT exceed today's high whcih in Elliott waves might be setting up a wave 1 & 2 leaading to substantial declines next week.

Bar counts continue to be difficult to read, but I think Im getting a handle on the current track.
today, Im loooking for the following count:
126 bars @ 10:30am
160Bars @ 1.30
180 bars @ 3.15

Best Wishes
PS: Congrats to anonymous for being astute enuf to make his/her own trading desicions.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Feb 13

Todays rally fizzled- didnt I mention that would happen

Tomorrow promisses to be quite bearish

oex -PC ratio yesterday was very bearish = .62, but today was more normal @ 1.43
so what are we to establish from that- out of sync???

Pressure readings have ALL fallen off from early highs corroborating a decline tomorrow
Its also FEB 13th the Bradley LOW, I have mentioned several times.

Gravitational readings are also dropping like a stone

the bar count has not been as consistent as in the past, but I think Im getting a handle on it-
Today was 102 b @ 1pm = a completed 329 from Friday.

Tomorrow is 60B @ 11;30
102 b @ 3pm
That should be the important low

Best Wishes

Monday, February 11, 2008

Slow start

Expecting a slow start this monday AM.

Pressure & gravitational readings are positive, but wont have much effect for the first part of Feb11th. ~~ 30 bars cycle @ 11am might do the trick.

However, the outcome should be positive for stocks later today and tomorrow FEb12th.

Expecting a high on either the 14 or 15th.

Monday is closed for Pres day, but Im not waiting for the 19th to get short, this time around.

Best Wishes

Saturday, February 09, 2008

One day rally

Feb 13 is an expected Bradley low,and after a one day strong rally Monday, they should slide into it.

Friday did well on the nasdaq, but not so well on the dow& spx- thus the confusion;
The bar count lows were each an hour early @ 9:45, then 1:30, and 3pm

The open, as I anticipated, was the actual low with a secondary low @ 1:30pm

Jaywiz index = .28, still somewhat bearish, but the ADv dcl/Vol index dropped from 2.90 to .67 thus indicating an oversold condition. one other index jumped from .44 to 266, also indicating oversold.
yes ;; they are reverse of each other.

Pressure readings will not be available till early Monday AM, to be effective.

Best Wishes

Friday, February 08, 2008


Most of the pressure readings indicate and UP day today

Polarity also jumped to the posotive early this AM;

Looks like a battle of bulls and bears much like yesterday, and it looks like the bulls are going to win again

Theres a 126 bar cycle @ 10am, and if the market makes its lows and holds, then they should move up, but the 2:30 time zone might be a retest.

Still expecting that huge rally Monday


Thursday, February 07, 2008

Pressure readings

Pressure readings for today indicate a low and turn up- Its now 10:30am and thats exactly what we got so far today.

WCA chart for today indicates a high near end of day, but another dive tomorrow till about mid day.

180 bar cycle tomorrow @ 2:30pm might be the low of the day

Monday FEb11 is indicated to be a huge rally day, but little or no follow thru making the 13th the next sell off low, and it is a Bradley low date.

If they dont make new closing lows this week, then the next suspected time period is Feb 19 to 28.


Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Closing LOWS ??

Its possible but not likely that today was the closing low of this week.

Theres still a good possible closing lower tomorrow and a intraday lower low on Friday mid day.

Today's 259 bars at 12;30 became the turn rather than the low of the day; this is a rare occurance, but I have mentioned it before.

The Eclipse effect is over tonight so we'll see if they open with a bang tomorrow, but Cisco earnings were not well received after announced.

Jaywiz index on Tuesday was a very strong SELL @ .09

Today's Jaywiz index = .47 and much more bullish.

However, the OEX pc ratio = .62 and was .68 yesterday. this indication is bearish

Friday is 180 bars @ 2;30pm which could turn in the low of the day.

Best for 2008

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Feb6th low

Move that low up to FEb 6th Eclipse day, but thats not the reason why.

yesterdays bar cycles
90 @ 11am
126@ 2:30pm

A low should ocurr tomorrow Feb6th at the 259 bar cycle @ 12;30pm

From there they can rally to the 18th, but it wont be a straight line, of course

Any rebound off tomorrow noon hour low should hit an intial high on the 7th.
8th drops back during the day but should finish ok leaving an openning for a very powerful rally on the 11th.

Best for NOW

Monday, February 04, 2008

Feb 2nd bradley high

It does appear we got a Bradley high on Jan 31st and the math seems to agree

1576-1276= Spx lost 300 pts
300X 38.2% = 120
1276 + 120 + 1395 bingo
Whats next?
120 x 38.2% = 46
1395-46 = 1349
My bet is On for Feb 13th
however, tomorrow should represent a low and if YOU remember, i was talking about Feb6th open hr, which NOW looks like it should be a LOW from which the eclipse day can rebound, but dont get carried away.

Would love to see it tomorrow, but that would be asking too much.

Monday Feb4th

In just 30 minutes , they wiped out almost all of Fridays hard fought gains.

By mentioning 126 bars as important today, that inferred a lower trading day today.

90 bars cycle @ 11:30am
126 bars @ 2:30 pm

Polarity turned negative after being positive from jan 12 to Jan 31, even tho the major low ocurred on jan 22/23. During the positive period, there was ONE dip in the middle of the duration right at Jan 23rd., then immediately bounced back to positive. - thus the end of month rally.

Ive found the Polarity Main power lines generally remain either pos or neg for about 13 to 15 days with interim bounces or dips which only last 1 to 3 days looking like a saw tooth.

Still expecting any low set today to be be offset by the first hour high of Feb6th. which in the main stream of events mean nothing other than a good short opp.


Friday, February 01, 2008

What you cant see or feel

Just like gravity or electricity , there are other forces in nature which cant be seen or felt, but the reality of them is evident in stock market price action.

Today's high +100 hit at 10am where the Sun was parrallel Pluto which is similar to a conjunction.

259 bar cycle at 10:30, and the dow fell to a small minus 3.

What happens now?

So far the rally DEAD and there are 2 more bar counts today
30b @ 1pm
60b @ 3:30

And Monday, more imnportant
126 b @ 2:30pm

Still got first hour high on Feb 6th b4 heading substantially lower