Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Feb 13

Todays rally fizzled- didnt I mention that would happen

Tomorrow promisses to be quite bearish

oex -PC ratio yesterday was very bearish = .62, but today was more normal @ 1.43
so what are we to establish from that- out of sync???

Pressure readings have ALL fallen off from early highs corroborating a decline tomorrow
Its also FEB 13th the Bradley LOW, I have mentioned several times.

Gravitational readings are also dropping like a stone

the bar count has not been as consistent as in the past, but I think Im getting a handle on it-
Today was 102 b @ 1pm = a completed 329 from Friday.

Tomorrow is 60B @ 11;30
102 b @ 3pm
That should be the important low

Best Wishes

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Anonymous said...

My orginal plan was, per Bradley date I would just hang on to my short and cover it at 3pm. So I shorted a YM overnight but I got cold feet when I saw good news from KO. Looking back I did the right thing covered it for 5 ticks, hang on to it and cover at 3pm would have resulted in -125 ticks.