Sunday, May 09, 2010

Power index THIS WEEK May 10 to 14

Prelim EKG posted at 7:30pm on May 9th- will update at 8:30 IF any change is expected.
If the US Mkt opens in a panic as above seems to project, then I will be out of short positions
at 11am to 11;30 latest since that's where the 156bar cycle meets with the 13 day cycle.

Since the above ALSO shows a strong rebound off that low,
there is NO reason to watch profits evaporate after Europe closes for the day.

Last week;s power index showed a STEADY decline for stock after the 3rd
needless to repeat what really happened -gg

Im reading that Many are expecting the 18th to be a LOW for stocks

I am in the OPPOSITE camp for that date
Scroll down to SEE my May graph for the details

Computer glitch or not, what was supposed to happen, DID happen,
and there should be MORE coming.

3wave thrust or "C" waves can behave as it did on the 6th

Often times, in situations like this we see the subsequent decline within a few days
as I HAD BEEN WARNING about a repeat of April 2000,
and it sure has been so far



Joe said...

Looks like its going to be a panic open indeed, for shorts that is. As mentioned there was no edge having a position over weekend, long or short.

RickyBobby said...

Crash UP!

My Gold stocks should do very well tomorrow.

Had buy signals on certain special cycles last Friday.

Good luck to all.


My very large 8 year cycle is showing Bull market has lots of room to run up.

Reza said...

seems like they are still following this one