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Monday, May 03, 2010

May 3rd EKG

My power index which jumped to 550 & The Activity index at 500

DO NOT agree with an IMMEDIATE gap lower today

However , the Power index heads LOWER after today into the 9th for now

As I said, I really dont like to count 1-2 & 1-2
but we might have seen 5waves for wave "a" low on Friday,
now looking for a brief uptick today,
prior to a continuation of the wave lower after today



RickyBobby said...

Thanks Jay.

smell a bull trap today

rrman said...

Helge chart 13/14 have been right on track for /6e and also close on /es he says sell at tues close and hold until May 10 then go long

AS said...

RMAN - how do you see the chart 13/14 ... I only see chart 11 at the bottom ..

rrman said...

chart 17 is the bottom