Monday, February 08, 2010

FEb 8th - more erratic than previous graph shows

Today as I mentioned under the previous post comments
might require a little more back and fill,


After a mid day rally, today looks like it could come back off some before closing higher

This was pretty much what I was projecting for TUESDAY,
but it looks like that might be occurring today.

IN any event, as today is a Bradley turn, we can expect the rebound
to start and end on the next Bradley on FEb 16th. as previously projected

What today offers for me, is a secondary opp to buy in to this short term rebound

After Feb 16/17 we can expect the DOWNTREND to continue with longer &
stronger selling days interspersed with VOLITILE 1 or 2 day rallies.

This trend should continue to April 6th where the NEXT LONGER
term uptrend should start.

I posted times that represent cycle pivots and the above chat seem to be pointing toward
the latter past of the day to use that pivot at 3;30pm

more later


Jay Strauss said...

Publishing the graph on the nite b4 is less advantageous than waiting for 8am


Anonymous said...

Hi,i am believe that stockmarket 2-3 days choppy then began strong down,s&p500 near 900 by 19-22 february.After 22 february began a BIG CRASH MAYBE,terrible and impressive fall of values, potential failure of public debt greece Ireland, Spain and some U.S. banks in march.

indigo said...

Thanks Jay, this certainly looks like it's playing out. Perhaps you can publish all your graphs at 8am from now on then? Glad you're still posting!

Anonymous said...

To see maybe jupiter-sun aspect 28 february,5 days after is probably stockmarket are in a floor.THEN AFTER 5 MARCH FLOOR IN STOCKMARKET PANIC?

Sherm said...

Jay, thank you for your insight.
Especially, providing us a longer term view. Your looking for the down trend to begin again on 2/15-16 and last until April 6?

Anonymous said...

Jay's blog moves so fast i posted on the wrong entry. OK Time and price came in and missed by 1 next target is Tuesday at 2:30 pm at 1080 then who knows lots of resistance there.


Anonymous said...

Are we still closing higher then jay or do we just forget that

Anonymous said...

The Bulls needed today to be a big up day. The Shanghai model wins out. McClellan Oscillator did have a minor change warning on Friday and it should rise today on its way to -400 level in the next few days. A close below Dow 9800 and SP 1050 destroys Hadik's "super bull market remains intact" theory and TTheory bull story. XLF on the brink of falling off a 6month ledge.