Saturday, February 06, 2010

Feb 2010

Jan 19th at 10,730 to Feb 5th @ 9840 = 900 pts

fibo retracements
50% = 10,290
62% = 10,400
78% = 10,540

Monday's rebound should over flow into Tuesday AM, but a late fall back could render a negative day

Some of you are thinking a BIG DOWN DAY on the 9th-- FUGEDABOD IT

Follow the graph and my daily guidance will keep the BULLS out of the RAIN
Bears like the rain , so some of my forecast will please them

I CANNOT put times cleanly on the daily graphs, so we will RELY on BAR cycle lows
Its 21 hours beginning at 11;30 Friday Feb 5th

BUT do note there was a low at 11:30, followed
by a lower low at 2pm on 30 bars of the NEXT 21 hours cycle
Typically 21hours is valid, but as yu can see, it took one more segment this time

If you wish to contribute, then PROVIDE an analysis with serious content
otherwise, i will be removing every nonsense by anons especially with short quips

I dont know what they are looking for but the holy grail does not exist, at least not here

Maybe more later


to said...

by the numbers: SPX
July 8, 2009 low came 9.1% off it's high
Feb. 5, 2010 low came 9.2% off it's high

$DJI currently has 4 consecutive red bars, it hasn't had 5 consecutive red bars in the last 250 weeks, in other words betting on a down week this week doesn't have good odds

Y said...

Don't let those asshole anons getcha down Jay. Like you say, Just getrid of their posts if it's rude, taunting, mocking or whatever pisses you off.

See ya later.

Busy lately but it's time again to publcize my trades

samamehta said...

think you ar right jay. 9th most likely not a down day.

getting bulish vibes here.

big struggle between bull n bears next week

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Are you saying Jay that you are convinced now friday was the end of wave 5? Thanks Frank

Anonymous said...

Hi,not more bull after 8 january,ok.Friday last afternoon little rally,s&p500 not should up more 1075,monday -tuesday-wednesday maybe between 1040-1075 is 95% probably.Finally week more friday break 1040 to nevel 1000.By 19 february s&p500 should are near 900.

Jay Strauss said...

simply stated-
I really think that Friday at 2pm might have been 5 waves down in either a wave 1 or "A" wave

We did get that 3,4 & 5 that I was talking about 2 days b4.

and the daily guidance graph showed it quite well

Now looking for either wave 2 or "B" wave by the 16th

note-15th is a HOLIDAY


Jay Strauss said...

tech data showed a marked change
from the 2nd to the 5th

2/2 Arms5day @ 368 = SELL under 400
2/5 ---------- 740 = buy

2/2 arms10=1063=near sell@1000
2/5 ----- = 1296 = buy

2/2 trin 5 = 85 = sell under 100
2/5---------= 148= buy over 100


Anonymous said...

you should have told us before the event, not after.

Anonymous said...

One of Hadik's big indicators calling for a bounce in SP and Dow (my interpretation of it; haven't seen his comments or interpretation) and at Friday's lows SP and Dow were down 9.1%, matching July's decline. TTheory guru Laundy was calling for a decline to the lower green envelope of his 55day? envelope which was at 1047 and was hit on Friday. Based on the 2009 Shanghai model, the markets should head straight down on Monday. I lean to more downside but Hadik's indicator has me worried (although it failed for euro and Nasdaq last week after a marginal bounce) plus he so desperantly wants to see his "super bull market" remain intact per his website. Tom McClellan has a feds funds model that is calling for a big bounce into Monday (from where?) but he says the model indicates a top on Monday. But the McClellan Summation Index broke through its triple bottoms of July,Nov,Dec into new lows this week with an attack of the critical 0 line imminent. I have never seen the markets stage a larger term bounce once it drops below the +2000 area, maybe a 1-2 week bounce at most, until it drops below the o line.
July's lows didn't feature two weekly reversal lower sell signals and a monthly reversal sell signal though.

tj said...

SPY volume on friday was the highest since 3/6/2009

SPX traded 1044 on 9/10/2009 then traded 1044 on friday 2/5/2010 almost five months of going no where.

Important to note the corporate media turned bearish on thursday/friday, throwing lots of bear bait out that the march 2009 lows will be broken this year.

One might study closely the trading action from 11/11/2009 - 12/18/2009, judging by the volume that showed up on friday 1044 is the bottom of this current trading range and the volume off the top on 1/21/2010 showed where the top of this range is at.

Important to note it took the bulls 8 months to break out of its sideways market of the SPX 800's.

Anonymous said...


Hi Fellow Trader,

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Anonymous said...

You can't spell your own name Don.


Anonymous said...


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