Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Feb 9th & part of the 10th

-----------------open higher----11;30L---3pmH---4pmL ^---10th -open lower??

Prior to yesterday's low, I had mentioned that Tuesday afternoon would provide a
short term high and it does seem that hasnt changed

any gains made today will probably not hold at those levels.

how much will they give back? NO WAY TO TELL !!
but I dont think it will be much

Today seem to offer the bulls a chance to catch some $$ prior to setting back
best guess would be between 2 & 3 pm, OFTEN hitting a high at 2:45pm
noted from prior observations

3pm has Moon 0 Pluto = intensity
moon 60 Jupiter at 4pm seem to lend support to a closing high, but that goes against
the guidance graph, but it is possible,

and IF so, then the DOWNdraft might occur after hours,
but either way that last hour can be volatile given 204bars at 3:30

more later


tj said...

an open above SPY 106.74 will confirm the bottom is in

SPX 3 min gap on 2/4/2010 9:42 candle @ 1085.89 will be the first stop

tj said...

if we continue to hold the pattern we've been on since 2/1/2010 then today & Thursday are going to be big moving days with Wednesday & Friday being tight range days

Jay Strauss said...

Hi- ti

Good assessmnet of this week


rrman said...

out of longs 1066

rrman said...

back in long 1065.50

Y said...

I am also Long and Strong. BIG cycle lows are in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Y said...

Target ST 1085--1090 SPX


Jay Strauss said...

OK, Y glad to see your excited

yes 1085-1090, maybe even a shot at near 1100 by friday

I posted FIBO levels off 1044 over wkend


rrman said...

do you guys see much more than 1074 today by Jay's 3pm high? I figure that is it today tomorrow down thurs/Friday up then the 1080's?

Anonymous said...

Smaller 3rd wave inside a large 3rd wave will sell off to 1020 before you see 1100


Y said...


The alamo at 1062 cash.

Bears are giving a good fight

They're going to lose!!!!!

rrman said...

good call on the low Jay

tj said...

big move coming
11:33 & 11:36 candle gave away 8 pts

had to let the Euro crowd get in at the LOD

tj said...

UUP has a nasty nasty reversal in place now on the daily

on the weekly it backtested the trendline it gapped away from after 8/31/2009 last friday and solidly rejected the trendline this week

Anonymous said...

Time and Price Projection comes in soon my chart$SPX&p=15&yr=0&mn=0&dy=10&i=p28690414048&a=182063541&r=399


Jay Strauss said...

Im OUT for now
will consider buy back on 10th or 11th
Watching daily guidance as it unfolds

activity index did gain from 100 all afternoon to 166 at 2pm
Might get a late pop?


Anonymous said...

I was going to concede a bounce into next week but after looking at the charts, they still look horrible. Most indices and stocks are bouncing to their steeply declining 10 day averages. Many black bar candles and XLF actually went negative intraday after opening at its high. The canaries in the coal mines, GS and CME with weak bounces,black barred candles and couldn't even surpass their previous day highs.

10 and 20day moving averages are steeply declining which wasn't a feature of the July bottom. I needed to see a +300day in the DOW to convince me otherwise. Shanghai model called for a big decline today and the McClellan Oscillar is now just vacillating everyday. Need a strong breadth day tomorrow to convince me the bounce will continue.
Euro had a record number of speculators short the futures last week so a big bounce could be imminent; don't know if the current bounce suffices.

rrman said...

out longs now short 1067.50 missed that 230 pop was in a meeting ...thanks Jay

ARAK said...

AH gap up alert guys ... ES had blowout volume on the close.

Jay Strauss said...



and it was posted YESTERDAY

UP till Mid day, then slacked off