Tuesday, February 16, 2010

AT the RISK of Being EARLY

9am UPDATE FEb 17th - PIC above
WHEN IS A PICTURE WORTH 1000 words - @4pm Tuesday
JUST AS I POSTED LAST WEEK in case you didnt read it
HIGH ON 16th
HIGHER on 17th Then BOOM

---------------16th-TODAY------4pmH----WED10amL----1 to 2pmH---

but this chart looks higher MIDDAY past 11am, to maybe 1 to 2pm


Clearer view ABOVE

ALL i did was MISS a lower open today,
and YOU would think I robbed them of all their money

I never told anyone to GET SHORT on Friday or that I was short
IN fact I wrote that I bot LONG at 10:30, and sold on the FIRST Rebound

Some of YOU read a projection and CALL IT A PREDICTION


I simply point out most logical times via cycles for LOWS, AND AS IT WERE
there WAS A LOW at 10am from which I had written to expect a buy on the
Moon # Uranus at 10:06am- I did not buy either, and sat by watching a 100 pt gain from
that time.

NOW WE see a potential for a lower open, then powering ahead, maybe to 1100
and plunging afterward.
You dont believe it !!!

You dont have to- GO SOME WHERE ELSE and follow CARL who will take yu to spx 1200

Big surprise a comin

ps; MARS retro in LEO is making me furious


Jay Strauss said...

KC, Mortie
I bot a small SHORT position for MARCH

I was under the impression via astro that we would see an overrun tomrrow morning , but a look at the daily guidance does indicate some backing off BEFORE running even higher later in the day

It did NOT occur at any time today for any substantial amount as we are under the power of the venus 0 jupiter at 9pm tonight.

Once that effect is over they should let out some AIR out of the bag and back off some,

most obvious time is at 10am to 11;30 where there is a 30bar cycle

SO, there maybe 2 chances to be short
1 one at today's close and another
tomrrow afternoon

IT looks like the Stronger SHORT play will be available for Thsday
into Friday am at 11am

then look for strong close Friday

My Feb graph does SHOW next week more ot the bearish side

IF yu want to be BEARISH big time, MY suggestion is to WAIT till MRCH 8th where the mkt will fall like snow in a blizzard


Anonymous said...

Is this one of those Ushaped parabolic spikes one sees before a fierce dropoff? It looks like most indices hit their 20 day averages today, which should be significant resistance since the 50 is still flattish and not that far away(thus don't see a need for the indices to get there); most indices went to 50RSI, another possible resistance point in a bear market. According to stock trader's almanac, the rest of the week should be bearish (based on historical probabilities). I have a key turn date for march 1/2 which corresponds to the Bradley date. Need to see how the market heads into that date but I do see a collapse into April possibly into the release date of the Wall Street sequel:Money Never Sleeps (the original was released right around the final low of the 1987 crash)

Anonymous said...

are u times est?

Anonymous said...


Cementzak said...

the top of A is in according to my analyses. B pull back into OPEX, then C up to finish the countertrend rally

Reza said...

Fujisian's prediction worked at SPX 1094, then she called for SPY 107, then up again to 1100.

Allign these with Jay's chart and may be we get the time

Reza said...

Jay Strauss said...

How long have yuo been on the internet

Jay Strauss said...

YES there is a BRADLEY DATE on MaRCH 2nd and YES it could be one of LARGE significance


Anonymous said...

just gone short from these levels,i may well be too soon,but we're very near solid overhead resistance band.this level to 1105 should stop the trend up(normally).this is oe week where madness reigns gotta be in it to win it though.i think any short from here should at least get back to breakeven in the event of some maniac spurt up.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

bradley chart for 2010 if interested


Anonymous said...

So how do we go today?

rrman said...

bill still short /6e here they are gaming the emini's but the euro seems to be tracking ok it looks bearish to me..I would think Jay's daily chart would work to a T today which means a lower close...I'm going to stay short the euro all day as I think it will go down because it is harder to manipulate than the eminis

Anonymous said...
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Reza said...

Dear Members,
Today and tomorrow is very crucial for gold, silver and all metals becauase these are most positive days and all these metals should close positive but Mars is only plante which can play a spoil role for all metals. At this stage I can call Monday and Tuesday rise was artificial one and metals can move down big late today and tomorrow if I am undestanding Mars movemnet well. One can sell with stop-loss at current price, gold is at $1121, silver $16.23 and copper $3.2300. If metals fall today and tomorrow then Mars says gold will reach $750 with in a month and copper $2.45.

Oil move has surprise us, according to current planetary movement oil will start trading weak from late today or tomorrow and then weak trend will continue on Friday.

This week we metioned in our newsletter that stock market would rebound up to three percent, and we they are almost there. We strongly recommend to take sell position in all major markets from late Friday. Asian and European market will move down big.

Grains gained as we expected from 14 Feb, one should accumulate on weak trend on today and tomorrow, I will still recommend our members to buy call od September and December as I see some negative news from China and fall of metals can put presure on grains fro short period.

Dollar has been trading as predcited in newsletter, one should accumulate as big rise is on the way from late tomorrow. This week sell call of Yen made great amount of money and we recommend hold psotion until 1.0945.
Today's trade sell Copper and Euro.

Thanks & God Bless

Need not mention the name

Anonymous said...

Looks like a rogue wave up this morning and overnight. This rally has caught all the bears sleeping and in a state of denial AS ALWAYS coming out of a 9 month cycle low.

Congrats to all those who knew about the bull rally. See you at the highs in August.


ben said...

just speculating but fed minutes come out at 2pm est for the meeting of two weeks ago. Bernanke spoke one week ago and the market tanked on his talk. He mentioned some details of exit stratedgy. If he said this 4 or 5 work days post fed meeting won't the minutes today echo the same? Will it have a bear effect. BTW the stock did tank of Bernake but recovered a lot in about a half hour.

Could this be a fundemental cause for the drop some on this site are expecting?

pardon non technical approach. Maybe this is innappropriate.

rrman said...

ok out of my /6e Euro short 1.37 will reshort on one of Jay's peaks on his chart for today

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


It will go up and then down and then up and then down but not necessarily in that order


Anonymous said...

There you are, is went up and now it's coming down - I like looking at Uranus -
this is too easy!


Anonymous said...

the volatility in indices this week has been disapointing so far.i thought we weould see a few fireworks goin into expiry.just a slow drudge upwards so far with no real pullback at all.3.5pts range so far in the opening hour...still early days though i guess.

KC said...

My stuff indicates about SPY 111.00 should be a good short entry with a target down to the 102 area in about 2-3 weeks.

May get to 111.00 later today or may take until the end of the week. Can't tell at this time.

Hurry up and wait ...


rrman said...

looks like we're close to the bottom of Jay's first low I'm guessing 1pm on his next spike to short...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


stop stealing my identity you jerk-off

sally--the original