Friday, February 19, 2010

WILL feb 19 follow to another high ?

What started out as a possible ROUT on the FED announcement yesterday
has dwindle to a WHIMPER this morning

whatever low this AM is still on schedule for 11am to noon

Asia took the brunt of the announcement, but Europe is steady

Typically we get option week STRONG and the week after WEAK

The FEB graph does show that and it was published early this month

we'll see how well that graph reflects reality next week
Notice that after a low next week, it does bounce higher toward the end of the week on the
NEXT FULL MOON on the 28th along with Sun 0 Jupiter & Sun 0 Neptune

THAT astro combination appears to indicate EXTREME OPTIMISM
Is it well placed or not??

rrman- does the above graph appear to reflect your analysis?

more later


rrman said...

thanks jay looks good is the open the beginning of the chart?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jay. Much appreciated. Wendy

Anonymous said...

what time is the thin vertical line
two fifths of the way across that chart?

andi {so much to learn}

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


i like it when rrman is wrong.


Anonymous said...

Lot's an ANON children here.


Jay Strauss said...

I cant put times on the daily guidance graph
Tooo many anons who like to blast every time I do that

Today has
convergence at 11am'sh
moon 90 Mars @ 10:56
13day cycle at 11am
39 hr cycle at 10;30
180bars at 11:30

Activity index so far is holding at moderate levels at 200

IMO, ANY rally later today is suspect to unwinding of option trading

Jaywiz index
Wed = .20
Thsday = .18
BOTH bearish - WELL under 50

Option ratios were mixed WEd, and leaning toward more bearish Thsday

Today's reading
Morning Issues- confront problems
Sounds like a Tiger morning-gg

Chinese Year of the Tiger
Is that supposed to be beneficial??

FEb Monthly graph showed the action quite well, and indicates selling next week which is typical after a strong options week

FEB graph Next week as shown proposes down into mid week, and up end of week

ANDY, I cant show any further than current month as most here wont benefit from it.
AND IT WONT BE REMEMBEred after one hour.

more later

Anonymous said...

Do the thin HORIZONTAL lines in the background of the daily chart mean anything or are they just for effect too, since without time or levels they cannot be of much use

rrman said...

LOL x i've been long since last night

Anonymous said...

"Cannot be of much use"
YOU learn quickly ANDI


Anonymous said...
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Jay Strauss said...

lines on the chart
Pay attention only to DIRECTION
NOT amplitude

as we have seen this week, dips have occurred, but not as DEEP as

As Ive written

I can reproduce the graphs to reflect what I think, but it would not be an honest representation of the data as it comes to me.


Anonymous said...

I am an educated person but graphs without either x axis (times) or and y axis (levels) are as much use as my grannys fanny

and without the start and end of day being shown on the charts how can the direction be ascertained?


Anonymous said...

try this from Carl Futia a few mins ago

"March S&P E-mini Futures: Today's day session range estimate is 1093-1107. The market has shrugged off the hike in the US discount rate which was announced after yesterday's pit close. The market will reach 1200 over the next three months"

^^^There you are andi, todays range, and a prognostication covering 3 months^^^

:-) ok?

Anonymous said...

we await the sight of "jay's low" between 11 and noon today with great interest.

Is he a fraud or a genius - we will soon know


Anonymous said...

so a low 11 to 12 am

a high 1-2pm

and then down?

(so much to learn)

rrman said...

looks like Jay's 11 eastern turn time will be the up move so I'm figuring 1pm will be the down cycle

benjoyce said...

my 3am London turn time and on a few points off the bottom was spot on.

Tragically I took someone elses comment "Hot option Babe" and go wrecked.

I'm still encouraged. I'll be back in the future.

Anonymous said...

collapse here is imminent. Buying 100 es mini contracts for the move down.


Jay Strauss said...

Some times the 13 day cycle which is the stronger of the 3 truncates
and matches the 39 hour which can occur at 10 to 10:30


ARE you guys actually DAY TRADING
where yu need to have EXACT TIMES to enter and exit ??

HOW MANY TIMES I have posted that these times and GRAPHS


Oh yes PLEASE DO FOLLOW Carl to spx 1200

BUT dont come back here crying

I DO point out the CYCLES
and WE ALL KNOW CYCLES can STRETCH and or truncate

The 180 bars at 11:30 could also trump the other cycles

that why i post them all

DAMN SOME OF you are just TOO DEMANDING- ARE yuo really that needy, or just want to bust some ones ___ when the mnkt doesnt give you what yuo want

Many of You seem to have NO PATIENCE - & no Flexibility which YOU MUST HAVE if your going to make $.

DO NOT BUY OPTIONS in the current MONTH- especially put options during expiration week


rrman said...

I don't know if we're going to make it to the 1pm turn or not the stochs on the 15" for /dx are halfway to the bottom

astral said...

Jay you are so wise and I appreciate and benefit from your guidance.

In my pure astro reading I see a spike at 12 noon CST today.
A possible sell off around the close.

Eur currency may get a minor spike at this hour for a minor gain.

Anonymous said...

well yes some idea of time or level would be useful and putting lines in the background of your charts which mean nothing is kinda disingenious.

saying on your website 'tomorrows market today' is similarly verging on the fraudulent


Anonymous said...

astral said

"In my pure astro reading I see a spike at 12 noon CST today.
A possible sell off around the close."

I understand that perfectly astral, and with less keying-in errors than jay too - thanx
[so much to learn]

rrman said...

out of my long euro /6e 1.3529 es1108.25 level I think this is about it I've been long since last night I'm going to protect my profits will look at shorting maybe around lunchtime central

Jay Strauss said...

SOME OF You people are TOOO

a LOWER OPEN < Higher mid day, and lower possible close



Jay Strauss said...

Y -
Yuo want exact times, highs, lows
price levels

MY forte has always been time

MY MONTHLY graph showed
8- 9th low
18th High
thats what we have for now

astral said...

X or Y friend

You post as anonymous and write sarcasm but see Jay and few other good people share here some thing which is free and they do it at the cost of their trading time. If you are more efficient please give your ideas so that other people can benefit too. Just adding silly comments wont help anyone.

Eur did spike 35 pips.

I notice that when I see a positive aspect its real impact come not at sharp hour but 45 minutes before and remains for 30 min after.

Anonymous said...

short here at 1108.4 es 5pt stop.

Anonymous said...

I purchased another 500 contrtacts emini puts for a decline into Monday.


Jay Strauss said...

And I did give out fibo parameters earlier this month

106 pts lost from Jan 19 to Feb 5th-8th

50% =1097
62% = 1110
78% = 1127

On or before Feb 18th

and we are right there now on the 19th

YOU can find everything you want here and more, but YOU keep on
JABBING & Stabbing me


here we area at 11:30and 180 bars is making its mark, granted not a deep one, but its there none the less

activity index has dropped a bit to 166 from is highs at 266 earlier today

I will keep on reporting what I can

As for now, Im off to enjoy a round of golf.

see yuh later


rrman said...

Thanks Jay have a good weekend

rrman said...

ok went short /6e 1.3521 /es level 1108 we should go down into the close now

Anonymous said...

I purchased 400 emini puts to make a total of 1000 emini contract puts.


Now, to open up a bottle of champagne

Anonymous said...

jay said
a LOWER OPEN < Higher mid day, and lower possible close"

so suddenly the graph DOES have a time scale on the (horizontal axis) x axis AFTER THE EVENT
but it didn't have before the event. That is useful

Yes, time on ths graph makes it more useful.

andi {I am learning}

Anonymous said...

I bet jay can only play crazy golf and he hits that in the wrong direction too


rrman said...

Their doing their normal spike and run the stops before taking it down..

Anonymous said...

I added another 500 contract emini puts for a total of 1500 ! contracts. I am going to make huge sums on this trade. Moore than most here will make in a year of trading.


rrman said...

I should have stuck with the noon ct turn time but it looked like we were turning early

Anonymous said...

I buy 500 more emini contract puts to make 2000 !! total.. I like even number.

This trade is 100% in the bag profitable by Monday morning.

I will buy new truck(FordF450 dualie) with some of the profit.


rrman said...

added to /6e short

KC said...

I have the SPY topping on Monday's open, a wave 1 type drop after followed by a reaction rally back up and then the big drop probably beginning near Wednesday.

I don't use ewaves but they are useful for describing what is on my charts.

Added a 1/2 short today and looking to add the last piece near SPY 112.20-112.65. If the SPY does not make it that far then I will add on the reaction rally next week.

Anonymous said...

It is time for the market to fall.


voice of reason said...

The market is falling (as predicted)

and carl is victorious

Anonymous said...

Jay's chart is accurate for today.

1 out of 5 isn't bad.

Anonymous said...

I covered for 5 point gain on 2000 emini put contracts. I can buy my truck now.


Anonymous said...

FXE's (Euro) volume is enormous today and it has a massive reversal bar and has been forming positive divergence on the RSI the last few weeks (along with strong volume). It looks like it is ready to explode up to its 50 day average like all of the indices,commodities,currencies have already done. Don't know what to make of it. Gold should be turning here. Or will it be rogue and not affect anything else as everything rallied while it continued to drop.

Anonymous said...

You are indeed a genius of the highest order carl and we bow down to your stockmarket superiority, profound knowledge and great wisdom.

either that or you cheated


Reza said...


May be you can post the link on your website

Anonymous said...

Carl to be fair you should share some of this profit on 2000 x 5 = 100.000 points gain with us:)

Good luck everyone.

Reza said...


Any outlook for Monday yet


Anonymous said...

Jay said stay long till March 8 and you'll do well.

Thanks Jay

We love you.

Cementzak said...

monday down -
tuesday down then up +
wednesday up ++
thrusday up +
friday up +

samamehta said...

i am short for mon.

rrman, hw about you? still short?

Jay Strauss said...

I dont think Yuo are reading me correctly
I dont make LONG range projections

March 8th is a KEY date from which
the mkt should make substantial declines, but I did NOT write to
stay LONG until then
That was only Your interpretation

Anonymous said...

While we may have sharp down days over the next month or so, I see a STRONG market continuing to the S&P 1200 range over the next 60 days. Bears should get on board to prevent getting killed in this market.

Anonymous said...

Caroline, you can look at jay's portfolio on marketguru to see what jay is doing.

Jay Strauss said...

John, thanks for your forecast, but if your imaging Carl, please stay tuned for updates as they become important

I had posted time and price convergences b4, which do appear valid in the current environment


Anonymous said...

Carl Futia saying we go to 1200 within the next 3 months.

That does NOT mean we go there in a straight line