Thursday, February 25, 2010

Feb 26th & update at 7pm

Updated graph above
Unless some miracle happens in the AM, we really should see a lower open, but as promised
the end of day does tick up, which leads me to look for the LOW of day at about 3:45pm

the graph shows a slight uptick at the open but that MIGHT NOT be the case

It also shows a MORE DEFINED LOWER CLOSE than the last 2 days,
which confirms my suspicions about tomrrow NOT being anything LIKE today or Wednesday

IMO< With 30 bars at open we really should NOT see a higher open,

60 bars is at noon
90bars at 2:30
Midnite LOW tide should coincide with low close also

The TAIL end of the graph is not complete, and if it shows anything other than a continuation
of the down swing, I will let you know, but even if it upticks, it may not effect tomrrow's close
except for the timing of a low prior to closing.

at 8:46 AM ,which should influence the futures is a minor lunar negative ~~ Moon 150 Sun

REVIEWING the days read for TODAY, IT called for Sudden positive changes
- which we certainly got

BUT TOMRROWS read = NO new starts- keep a LOW profile & expect complications
SO it should be a very different day.

More Later


roguewave said...

Is the open on the far left by the green and if so what is the lt grey vertical line or is that the open?

benjoyce said...

Pardon the fundementals

One analyst/trader on forex TV is looking for a negative revision for 4th quarter GDP, which he says will be neg for stocks.

Ramsey Bilbiesi tues 2/23 4:43PM

This is consistant with an early pop (Pre 8:30am est) than a sell off in stocks.

Jay Strauss said...

thanks Ben
good to know such details

Jay Strauss said...

the GREEN line is the OPEN & CLOSE
of the day

vertical grey line = usually NOTHING
Bar cycle lows today
30 bars at open
60bars @ noon & could be the grey line on this graph
90bars at 2;30
Last dip on graph looks like 3;45pm from the picture
and would represent 106bars - which is NOT a pivot that has much meaning, there fore further declines should follow Monday on the Bradley date

IF we DO get a substantial sell off as shown, then 3;45 TYPICALLY and quite often marks the day's low, rather than 4pm

Its now 8:45am
Spoos now a little negative
Oil hovering unch
If there is any UPSIDE as the LOWER graph shows it should not make it past 10am
Jaywiz index = 29= sell pressure


lgplat said...

Jay, I have the low of today
@ 8:36 ? can you advise, Thank you Luis

Jay Strauss said...

How can the lod be at 8;36 unless you mean futures??


Reza said...

where is rrman

SchoolMa'am said...

Vertical lines and horizontal lines in the background mean nothing then?

rrman has gone looking for cementjak who thought we went up wed, thur and today

sirgiyan said...

I still think today/monday would be THE HIGH

roguewave said...

ok thanks Jay

sirgiyan said...

Whenever we consider today to be a low or the high, personally I greatly appreciate Jay and his input here. And above all I DO AGREE that the next week is positive.
Conclusion: BUY-BUY-BUY

Frank said...

It seems to be holding up better than shown on the daily chart (again) so do we just ignore the daily chart (again) and pretend it didnt happen

Frank said...

what is next week showing for you at the moment jay

we can take the same or opposing view depending on how much we trust your judgement

Frank said...

Your daily charts don't seem to be of much use - what are Coys daily charts saying and are they any more accurate?

A drop from about 5 march would work well from an Elliott Wave and an Astro point of view.