Monday, February 22, 2010

Feb 22nd - published Feb 21 at 7pm

this was published and sent to my FRIENDLY YAHOO group
and for some reason, it never got to them. - server error??

BUT they can attest to the DATE & TIME stamp
Feb 21st at 7pm
as I resent it from my SENT page on Comcast email logs

YOU WILL ALL NOW NOTICE the 11;30sh low this morning
the 3pm High and turn lower today
which FITS the Daily guidance quite well

I am transferring the email to the blog at 4pm on Monday
The DAILY guidance that Ive
been posting a DAY Ahead comes
to me in a form that I can only guess at times.

Thats why I publish the bar cycle pivots, 13 day cycle
and any important astro or elliott interpretation -
to get some frame of reference for times
Some of the ANON's at the blog
do not appreciate the value of such a graph
and thus I am NOW reluctant to publish it
I do NOT make up the daily guidance graph on my own
It IS energy similar to what Coy produces from different sources
His graph last week performed better than mine
When I posted Coy's graph, the ANON"s took exception
to the diversity since they were not in sync;

between us we have had similar graphs, some times
and opposite sometimes

The week before last was a perfect hit every day
for mine, but this week, the rises were pictured
with equal declines which did not materialize.

So this week, I will be publishing the graph on the blog
AFTER THE FACT, and Im sure I will get BLASTED
for that claiming I made it up afterwards
Oh well -- so be it
BUT I will offer it here in the PRIVATE GROUP
FYI for information only and as COY's Monday map, I agree
I posted on the blog earlier today
YADA YADA this whole week

-----------11:30 LOW @ 258bars--------Lower at close leading to 60bTues@10am
Highs could occur between 1pm and 3pm typical daily hourly turns

Pay little attention to the AMPLITUDE
and more attention to DIRECTION

At least If I show it here, and it is successful,
I can say it was published
prior to tomrrow and not be lying about it

It shows a WEAK open, Mid day recovery and
weak close
258 bars = a low @ 11:30
30 bars = a low at 2pm,

Thus 60 bars does not occur until Tuesday at
10am, and MY published readings for the week
under comments does reflect that projection

Market Timing ** Whats NEXT**

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Jay ,
On the chart or graph you post is that 1 day or more. Could you put a time like 12noon +/- 1 hr as a reference?


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OK Jer;
I have astro low Thsday also at 10;30am

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Anonymous said...

Dear Jay,

I cannot believe you would let the beligerant anons get to you. Just delete them like you've been doing lately. If you are withholding information from the rest of us who number many more times the idiots that post here, then you will lose many other innocent readers.

Please reconsider for the sake of the majority here.


sirgiyan said...

I totaly agree. Dear Jay, don't let us down... We need your expertise very much, Sir

rose2797 said...

Jay, I dont know why you let these people get to you. It is your blog and dont let them make decisions for you. Delete their comments. When you post your graph,it is just a guidance for direction. But the decisons is on the person who is trading

Anonymous said...

.86 5 day ARMS reading; Is it low enough for a sell signal? It was
.75 on Feb 2.

I think the markets trade in a relatively tight trading range this week and it sets up an easy weekly reversal lower the first week of March. Interestingly, the 1987 and 2008 collapses began during the first week of a new month Oct.('87),Sept('08); Sept. 2,2008 had a pretty big daily reversal lower that progressed into a weekly reversal lower. August 28 was the final closing high in 2008 before Sept/oct collapse. That would be the equivalent to March 1st since there isn't a trading day on Feb28 this year.

lgplat said...

As always = Your work is very Good!Please reconsider for the sake of the majority here.

Thank You, Luis

ARAK said...


how does one access your yahoo group?