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Friday, February 26, 2010

NOTE the End of FEb on 2 graphs

both of these graphs SHOW Feb 26th EXACTLY the way it happened
And as it appears its possible they made a retracement wave peak today
in what would be called a FLAT in Elliott jargon indicating a VERY WEAK formation

Leading to a PLUNGE on March 1st

Obviously the daily guidance did not perform as WILDLY as shown,
but the trend of the day was evident .
We did get a morning dip, recovery and last few minutes drop off
granted it did NOT match our expectations for a BEARY day, but neither did the other 2 graphs

Does that mean we SCRAP the whole Program?? Remember the graph depicts the ENERGIZED earth
and should replicate changes in price levels, but it can vary greatly as to HOW much volatility
is actually generated

I can show YOU projections from an analyst who charges big $ for his service and claims to make
a lot of $ trading.
He shows a green line and a red line each in opposite directions
SHOWN on the SAME graph, AND THEN he says the mkt can SHIFT from
RED to GREEN or GREEN to REd during the day. And he gets BIG money for that??

The reading for today was good
NO excitement -- NO new starts & Monotomous



Jay Strauss said...

I made an adjustment to the way the daily graphs are published to eliminate IMPLIED volatility

Now it looks more like reality as the day plugged along with monotomy


Dave Narby said...

Full moon on the 28th...[s187315941]&disp=P

Monday is "bullish Monday", lots of traders will be going long...

Perfect opportunity to sell like crazy.

samamehta said...

jay you are right. march 8 is the for down turn. may be even march5

thanks for your sharing