Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April20 EKG

Here is the SPX for April 20th AND part of April21st
You can see the EKG was NOT WRONG,
Its just that the MARKET had NOT gone as far as the EKG indicated
It becomes a matter of EXTRAPOLATING time from the DATA stream
to determine market closings- which is OBVIOUSLY - NOT EASY TO DO
Tues -10:15 AM-- Todays Graph just became available - we'll see how good it is later

NO graph today, but we should see a trend higher till the 3pm hourly change

and tomrrow should trend higher in the morning

Wednesday calls for being flexible, which might coincide with that Helge call for strong Down

Stan Harley mentions a 162 tr day cycle
which encompasses 160 to 170 tr days
which stretches from April 23rd @ 160 tr days to May6th @ 170tr days

Charts edge had
Monday DOWN & it was UP
and Tuesday UP- Will it be inverted?

As Ive mentioned frequently, the 23rd of ANY month = a NUMEROLOGY #5 = CHANGE
as well as the 5th of each month.
A quick look back will prove those dates prominent for such events

Just a minor note of curiosity
Jan 12th Haiti quake = Jan 19th mkt high
April 15th Iceland volcano = ??

Todays' bar cycles
90bars @ 10;30
126bars @ 1;30
156bars @ 4pm



rrman said...
Helge 1st chart is filled in with after hours pretty well called the ramp....will it call the drop?

rrman said...

Is the dollar making a run for the upper channel?

Janeva said...

Is'nt Helge basically calling for down hard all day today??

rrman said...


Abdullah said...

I suspect we'll stay relatively flat today, get the earnings, pop huge at the open tommorrow and very possibly fade on the day.

Reza said...


After hours looks down. AAPL earnings baked in

Jay Strauss said...


thats just about the same as my scenario.


Janeva said...

Looks like Helge's chart is off
today or inverted?

Jay Strauss said...

looks like they are following the EKG so far, and hopefully today they will sell off end of day, BUT
as previously noted, Jupiter has its expansionary influence over today's action.

As previously noted, a CHANGE in TREND is DU tomrrow after 10 to 11am
WHICH appears to concide with Helge

rrman said...

/6e is tracking fine with Helge been down all day still dropping

RickyBobby said...

I am buying large short positions now in a couple of bear ETF's 3x leverage.

Janeva said...

Ricky Bob
Why are you going so short?
A certain indicator?? Helge??

rrman said...

still holding my /6e short from midnight from now until 9pm central another big down wave then straight up into the open

Abdullah said...

what is /6e mean????

Reza said...


Dont u think they are going to hold the market until Obama speaks in NY about Financial reform

forex-cat said...

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rrman said...

/6e is the euro just like /dx is the dollar trades in the futures just like /es but has much more volatility so it moves the /es used to before it was captured by GS if you look at an 1hr chart of /6e you see we top or bottom every 5 days HUGE swings...we are either on day 4 or 5 on this down swing depending on where you count the top...Helge says we bottom around 9pm central then straight up into the open and then if we do like we have been 5 days of up....
Its much more predictable than /es I only trade /6e now /es is a joke

rrman said...

an example of what you can do with /6e i was trading 4 contracts with 15k margin is $3,375 per contract vs $5,625 for /es....from the low to the high last night i went up 2k it is very doable to make 10 percent per day ....the key of course is managing your risk and taking profit ....but what i guess is important is that /es used to move like that and now doesnt so its a very profitable instrument

Jay Strauss said...

it would APPEAR that JUPITER
won the Battle TODAY

Activity index which started
at midnite @ 100, closed the day at

With 156 bars hitting at CLOSE AND OR OPEN tomrrow, we could expect

IF 156 bars hit at close, then tomrrow should open higher, which is what ive been suggesting for days


grodnyc said...

New 52 week highs tmrw...GS cheats people...who cares! Regulation comming to wall street..who cares...lets ride it up now while we can still cheat!

Reza said...


Lets ride it then

Reza said...

Once QQQQ goes up, the rest of market follows. Since QQQQ did it after hours, SPY will follow. Then short. IWM target 73 based on QQQQ jump up

crissy said...

rrman, if I understand you correct, there are about 3-5 days up for the € now ?

This is probable, but I can't see high price-swings.
The prediction of down, or down after hoers was not correct.

Seems, as if 16th-19th may have built a short time bottom.

If so, the most important time-frame of 05-05 may also be a high. Cause since beginning of Feb all CITs turned out to be high-to high. And that date is a very important one.

crissy said...

When I was in former days with Don, shortly before he died, I wanted to write him, that my impression is, when we count the market-moves, in reality we count inflation.

Maybe I was very near then.

Good night, folks

Reza said...


I think after the GS debacle, manipulators are trying to make people believe that no one is shorting anymore and money in the stock market is safe.

crissy said...


that is not the question for me.

But you and I know, that markets get - if artificial or not - inflated.

I think, I was very near, Being sorry, that I could not pass him that info, I wrote him a mail, urgent alert, and had quoted up several times and trend-cycle phases, that where an indiz ( German word, as I don't the english one for it, sorry) for my observations. He could not answer me.

But we may consider it now.

There is another phenomenon, that is talking for my thorie: watch gold and silver jumping: since some weeks, the mining comanies are looking weak in my eyes.

I'm not really ready with my obserfvation, and was shy, until now, to go public.

Maybe we can get a head on that together.

crissy said...

take an f, sorry.

rrman said...

1.343 out of shorts went long /6e

Reza said...


Was it intentional (lol)

rrman said...

Crissy /6e has been going down down down since 5am on the Helge wave...the /es used to track Helge until Feb now It is unpredictable in my opinion because of the manipulation but the currencies still seem to track since they are so big they are hard to manipulate

crissy said...

rrman, you are beautifully right !!

currencies can not be manipulated, and since you make your announcements, I trade save, to be very frank.

I dont short SPX or dax bor go long. Just leave them alone. There will come a time, I'll be active, and I'll tell.But not for now.

Reza, what means ' intentional ', I just don't know the word, maybe ju describe, what you mean, or give me a smiley, so I can quickly understand.

THX for being there and talking, though being late.

Good nighzt, guys ! :)

Reza said...

:) smiley

Reza said...

anyone use facebook here

rrman said...
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Reza said...
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Reza said...

Could not find Jaywiz, there are a few, but not our Jay