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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

April 27th EKG + SPX & Pulse

Today's 258bar cycle at 1;30 appears over ridden by the 13day cycle at 11;59
when the low did occur at 12;15 to 12;30

Pivots for today are at
228bars at 11am
258bars at 1;30

Usually 258bars marks a fairly good low pivot, UNLESS the market has other ideas
and since 204bars was prominent Monday @ 3;30, we must be vigilant to look for
a 329 bar cycle hitting Wed at 12;45 along with the Sun 0 Merc energy hit.

Yesterday was an 8 day high and that makes
today an 8day turn which may have already occurred

Some techs posting spx1207 area as important support and evidence of a turn if broken

Oil is off, and Europe is off more than 2%

Usually the BEST part of a decline phase occurs in the LAST 3 days which would be
commensurate with the harmonic cluster next week that compares with April 2000

A good wash out here would wipe out exuberance/positive sentiment & give the mkt more legs
to complete its journey to a mid June and or Mid July TOP

Very similar to Y2K
thus leading to a tough 2011, similar to 2001
even Worse 2012, similar to 2002



RickyBobby said...

very Buliish action this morning accross the board.

Not going to tank before the FED.

The FED will be a springboard for higher highs .

Jay Strauss said...

HI Rick
Some of the boards I read are indicating time and price have finally met yesterday

math - 61.8% of loss for dow = 11,245, and spx 1228

Timing says there is a tie in at about 9000 days from 2002 lows which relates all the way back from 1929 to this last week of April 2010.

I'll see if I can get permission to post the chart


Reza said...

Agree Jay,

Short the pop

after8 said...

short here at 10.8 cash. 3pt stop.

after8 said...

short here at 10.8 cash 3 pt stop

RickyBobby said...

Just opened a short here too

hit resistance on my chart.

made money on a gold long this morning just closed out long

after8 said...

taking profit at 1206.

after8 said...

everything was telling me to hold that short ricky,but a profits a profit and we're still in an is near a trend change imo

after8 said...

1201.5 now sick am i? lol

cementzak said...

think 1213 was the top of A, followed by an expanded flat to 1172 or so. and from there the final advance will start to 1238 or so.


RickyBobby said...

good one after8

I play different indexes than you guys so I see things slightly different.

Anyways we're all making money.

7 out of 7 profitable trades today alone for me and the day is still young.

way to go guys!

RickyBobby said...


4 more trades profitable

Jay Strauss said...

today's 258bar at 1;30 may have been OVERRIDDEN by
the 13day cycle 55% segment at 11:59 + - an hour
BUT it does NOT change the overall timing of the 258 bar cycle = 21hours

62% / 13 day cycle due Wed at 11;13
60 bars @ noon, which might coincide with above
IF cycle shifts to 329bars = 12;45pm
but I dont think so.

90bars at 2;30
Sun 45 Jupiter at 1:35pm
Because there is also a Venus 150 Pluto at OPEN Thsday
the 108br cycle MIGHT coincide with the open
108bars is RARE, but it has happened = Astro influence
Thsday's reading calls for RELIEF from yesterday

Reza said...


What about tomorrow?