Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April 21st

Since the mkt closed toward a rebound today after the 2;21pm LOW of the qtr moon
then we should expect a dip at open on 228bars

End of DAY data shows possible uptick after the Moon 90 Sun at 2;21pm
which was a secondary low after the 180 bar low at 11:30am
Which ONCE again shows HOW Difficult it is to pinpoint the END OF DAY settlement.
Published today at 12;45pm
Use the EKG for DIRECTION, rather than Amplitude

Its possible today's late sell off shown above might not occur until tomrrow
SEE the EKG for April 20th for an explanation of why SOMETIMES there can be a variance

Today as previously mentioned, calls for a strong start till about 10 to 11am
then lower into tomrrow

A slightly lower open could ALSO be offered as 156bars hits then, but just as yesterday

Its 7:45am, and I have to leave the office- back later

EKG does show possible lower open, BRIEFLY, then quick rise, and later fall

FLASH says April 26th has a date with OCT, 19th- 1987
and I told him that April 26th is ALSO related to FEB 27th, 2007 - dow was off 400 pts
ITS also 161 tr days in the STAN HARLEY cycle from 9/2/2010

more later



Kc135a said...

I have a pretty good looking SPY 60 minute fractal that could be slightly bearish as on 3/24 or very bearish as on 1/15. Remember from 1/15 we got one more bounce up and then down.

RickyBobby said...

I decide to add more FAZ at this time.

I am very heavy short now. In at least 2 days my Heavy inverse ETF 3x leveraged positions will be monumentally profitable.

Reza said...

I am with u

grodnyc said...


Holding some IWM puts too!!

RickyBobby said...

Reza, grdnyc

right on guys.

astralguide said...

Hey Jay Reza RR
Check my my last few blogs. It is a crucial day today. Make good decisions if possible. Today and Thursday are very important dates.

Reza said...

Thanks Astral

Reza said...


U here. Any comments.

Seems like Jay is back

rrman said...

still long /6e the helge wave that was scheduled for noon came early at 5am now we are in the up wave

/es is doing its own thing i think the long term channel helge chart 8 and 9 are governing it the /es is going down but they are letting it down slowly you have to short the pops and just hang on they are trying to shake all the shorts off as they take it down

Reza said...


U noticed how they shook the SRS today

RickyBobby said...


I agree. I booked some profits end of day because I think it's going up tomorrow, partial day.

rrman said...

look at the channel on the /6e on the 1hr chart we are at the bottom and its been a 5 day journey from the top to bottom and reverse ...5 days up now

rrman said...

daily chart I'm sorry

Kc135a said...

I am going to hang it out there but could test the SPY 118.50 area tomorrow. Any serious up early tomorrow above today's high should kill this idea but it is well supported.

I added shorts near the close after closing a position earlier in the day figuring it was worth the risk.

Reza said...

Dear Members,

This week markets are trading sideways, they are absorbing or in other way they negative news has been ignored by POWERFUL Wall-Streeter. Dubai debts news came passed, same happened with Greece and now Goldman which look like bombshell news but according to many experts this news is also passing without any huge impact. Politician and biro crates feel heat or too scared to do anything at this stage which can harm rising trade in stocks, as world economy is just getting ready to improve. I am in Santa Barbara and I don’t see any improvement yet though this town is most desirable town for living, prices normally don’t fall that much here but this time we don’t see gaining as fast as it should be because improvements signs should come from these kinds of town as people has lot of money old money here.

Any way world economy and financial system is passing through worst time as per my Astro calculations. I don’t see anything safe at this stage until 27 May, Metals, energy and stock markets can nose down big and they can fall constantly without any reason.

This week we predicted weaker trend for metals, energy and stock market but so far we everything is acting as all is well. I warn people to stay from energy and metals because they can fall beyond our imaginations though negative time is very less but same where deep in my heart I see oil going to $55 and gold can still reach $750 before it start bull rally.

Late Thursday or Friday we mentioned that there would be recovery in energy and metals, but they never remained weak on negative days from Monday to Wednesday so I don’t see positivity coming in metals in oil on Thursday and Friday. Same we expect for Stock market, party can be spoiled by drastic fall in energy, metals and stock from Thursday onward without any valid reason.

All traders should remain high alert and watchful because current time is not good, I don’t know what will happen but trend certainly doesn’t look positive.

Sell gold at $1148.9 silver $18.10, copper $3.5100, oil $83.45 and yes, platinum is ready to take big hit from current price $1737.

Mahendra Sharma

rrman said...

thanks Reza

RickyBobby said...

thank goodness I held on to most of my short position.


gap down almost 10 points

rrman said...

helge says down until 11am central