Thursday, April 15, 2010


EKG published late today at 10:45
was tied up this AM- out of the office

Not much new to add today

chop at higher levels today
180 bar pivot at 4pm today and or open Friday

Still got potential for high on Friday about 100 dow pts higher than today

13 day cycle on Friday at 11am pivot low allows the end of day to rebound

Next week enters a whole new directional force till May6th. - not the 15th- rrman



rrman said...

5.905 tza bought in ira
still long euro

rrman said...

looks like 11 central will be the top of this up wave that started at 4am will look to go short then

Reza said...

long faz and tza

Reza said...

BAC, C all failed after breaking out

Janeva said...

Looks like Helge is off today Rman.

rrman said...

short /6e 1.3566 we have a big wave down coming this afternoon and I don't want to miss it might be a tad more up but not much

rrman said...

yeah his waves are late the down wave last night extended

Reza said...


GOOG after hours

rrman said...

short /6e 1.3566

Reza said...

Where Abdullah at, his FAZ is moving today

Reza said...

UYG, URE, SRS had a reverse split

Kc135a said...

Shorted with SPY May 120's looking for a bottom about 1 hour after the open. Pretty crumby trade but looks fairly high odds for the 120.40-120.60 area and then up higher into the close, ..., of course!!!!

Reza said...

If you missed Mahendra's PDF, its online

Abdullah said...

Hi Reza - I was on-travel.
Added more FAZ today. Long FAZ, TYP. And added TZA at 5.32 :-)

I am looking for FAZ mid 50
TYP to 21ish
TZA to 30ish
before May ends :-) (I HOPE)

WAMUQ should be close to deal with JPM.

Reza said...

As you mentioned rebound around 11. Looks like no down until GS & AAPL earnings on Apr 20