Thursday, April 01, 2010


Once April 5& 6th peak out
daily readings = warnings
dont follow the crowd
Apple's IPAD- SOME People just gotta have the latest gadget- starting at $500
some people have jobs, or are they getting it another way?

Every month for last 10, other than March we saw a low early on or about 5th, and high on 18-19
A change may have occurred

NOW we might expect a HIGH on April 5th-6th
low on the new moon on April12-13, actual at 7:24 on the 14th to act as catapult
High on Apr 16-19
low on 26th
high on 30th
BUT May 4th energy combo can produce fits of anger,
thus should be viewed as a downer for stocks

It took ALL of Feb & March to gain 144pts, if they get to 1188 on Monday
It took from Mar 9th 2009 to April 6, 2010 to gain 520 pts which = 13 X 40 AND 13 MONTHS
strange coincidences ??

Its well known, they take it down faster than it goes UP
using fibo math as before
520 X 23.6% = 127 pts = spx 1060 which is just above the last low on Feb 4th at 1045

Now thats NOT Mahendra's 30% haircut by a long shot,
as that one may still be out there for later this summer
but more on that much later



crissy said...

Dear Jay, you've been a cyclist, when I did not know how ti write Mahendra.

Sorry, He's always ca. 1-2 years too early.

Please do your your own work as used to.

I saw a high for dax at 8th, still see it, maybe with a short konsolidation.

Let's try to come together and do our own work. Untill now nobody is working, evrybody is waiting if you just were right or wrong.
I like working ang thinking on my own. I a was happy today not to follow € short, as I see a high, just when Europe opens, next tuesday... from then on another story.

Let's see, who is right.

Have a fine holiday !


rrman said...

take a look at this ..are they going to raise rates monday?

rrman said...

Jobs numbers come out at 730 central and futures and fx close at 914 central...not much time if its a bad number wonder why we decided to close early usually 10am is the time

rrman said...

Helge says the low is around 4am central then big pump into trading hours or i guess 915 since its a holiday

rrman said...

ok out of short /6e Euro 1.3548 and flipped long half position 1.3552 we should pop into the early close now

RickyBobby said...

Friday, April 2, 2010
Apr 2nd, 2010: Jobs Growth
11:00am EST: February jobs number was a +162K, with only +48K from the US Govt, so the private sector added over 100K jobs in Feb. Dec and Jan jobs were revised higher +40K. This is good news for the US economny.

The SP-500 ES Futures jumped to a high of 1178.60 (1182.60 cash equiv) on the news. If you look at the ES Futures 60-min chart below you can see that the break-out of the wave 4-[5] triangle was back-tested a 2nd time overnight and held. I believe that there is a good possibility of a continued rise towards 1200 in the cash markets early next week. This sould be wave (1) of 5-[5].

from PUG's blog

Jay Strauss said...

power index shows
next week up thru 7th

Jay Strauss said...

thanks Rick
always good to read a SYNOPSIS
rather than reading en entire blog

Thanks RRMAN
Spec meeting of FED on Monday

any change in FED policy


Jay Strauss said...

HI Crissy
Mahendra is NOT my posted comment
and YES , he is usually EARLY

BUT sometimes, well

SINCE March turned itself upside down against my March graph, we must consider the alternatives

As I wrote, March energy was supposed to top on or about the 8th,and head to a low on April 1st, but it never did

That energy cannot JUST DISAPPEAR
It can only be delayed

Ive seen this happen many times, sometimes its EARLY and sometimes
its LATE

April's energy shows the mkt with strength, but IF March inverted then April might just offer an inversion also

According to a possible energy inversion, THE ORIGINAL graph showed APRIL 1st as a LOW
IF it was an inversion then we are in for quite a SLIP & fall for April

BUT IM JUST Speculating
and of course we get the MOST UNEXPECTED at just the most positive sentiment -RIGHT AT THE PEAK

IF Monday comes and they START chopping off in SPX 25 pts chunks


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rrman said...

long Euro /6e 1.3491

rrman said...

until the daily stoches on the /6e gets to the top and starts turning this up wave isn't nearly over looks like another run up to the top of the channel still making higher highs and higher lows on the hourly charts

maybe 1.3620 or 30ish next target on the high if we keep making the higher highs on the 1hr

Reza said...


U have tomorrow's EKG

rrman said...

flipped short 1.3514