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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

EKG for April 28th

Helge's outline for the balance of this week follows along with my cycle pivots quite well

Today cycles

62%/ 13day @ 11:13 + - an hour
60bars at noon
Sun 0 Merc @ 12;45
90b @ 2:30pm

Activity index at 5am was at a low 66,
and now at 9am is still at a low 100 and FLAT for last hour-
just ticked up to 133 at 9am

NOT a customary 108 bars hits at close & or open
I mention this because Venus is 150 Pluto at 9:30am Thsday

which could set the low of the week, or at least for the day
because Friday also has a convergence of short term cycle pivots at 11am

Monday's HIGHS occurred along with the HIGH energy generated by Saturn & Uranus
Now we are on the waning side of that energy headed toward a meeting of the sun & mars
similar to April 2000

There was also a convergence of LONG & SHORT term cycles on Monday
which some tech's pointed out- after the fact, hmmm.

The anxiety generated from traders has switched from looking for the correction
to NOW looking for the extension-

PC ratios are mixed to bullish on yesterday's close
but thats normal on such a day as yesterday

the one day arms index hit 3.41 which is quite high,
but ,IMO
we can expect at least one or 2 more HIGH arms days within the next 10days.

more later


after8 said...

got a turn somewhere near the noon 60 bars time coming in.should be a high.

RickyBobby said...

Long Gold since 9:00am

bottom is in

after8 said...

dammit, turn arrived early and the markets dumped leaving me at the platform.

after8 said...

short 1186.5

after8 said...

nice trading on the gold ricky.

RickyBobby said...

Gold is awesome

Gold stocks barely move lower when rest of market tanks.

Already made 4 profitable trades this morning all in Gold stocks.

Amazing place to be if you're not trading them yet.

Forget S&P. Waste of time.

Gold stock etf's 2x, 3x are offering biggest bang for the buck.


RickyBobby said...


thanks man. Good trading to you!

RickyBobby said...

The 21 hour cycle is stretched here and should be rounding out a bottom. Anyway a bottom is imminent on the S&P.

BUY Gold stocks when the S&P finally bottoms if it hasn't already just bottomed, and watch the gold stocks fly.

AS said...

Jay - what does the 90 b at 2.30 usually lead to ?

RickyBobby said...

gap down

sirgiyan said...

I see tomorrow as reverse from the GAP. If we gap down - we go up all day and vice-versa

rrman said...

yep sirg i agree

rrman said...

Full Moon Tonight

RickyBobby said...

Huge Gap-Up on S&P.

why am I calling gaps on SP when I'm trading gold stocks?

oh brother. sorry guys