Sunday, April 18, 2010

Helge Thru May 6th

Yellow Line Above

Notice Helge NOW thru May 6th -- BLUE LINE



Jay Strauss said...

previously mentioned was the TECH data provided by the ARMS index for 7days in a row leading to a 10 day arms index/trin of 642
Lowest ive seen it in 7 years
and such a low value confirms the 5day arms & 5 day trin all SCREAMING SELL

Propensity index has dropped
considerably over the weekend and I will publish the EKG Monday

Power index shows DOWN all week except for Tuesday

Monday's bar cycles indicate potential for 329bars at 3;45pm

However, 90 bars also hits at 10:30 on Tuesday and could set the stage for a rebound from there into Wed AM which indicates a good start by the reading

Those who are day trading should be flexible and play the intraday turns as per the 21 hr/ bar cycles

those who are position tradings can hold to the 26th at close
catch Monday's low after 3:30
re-enter at wed open

The MOST tricky day in the cycle will most likely be the 26th which should offer a SOLID UP open with a SOLID DOWN CLOSE.

We can confirm that later
with the EKG, but not till Late Sunday


Jay Strauss said...

Monday is Apr19th which has been coined a day of infamy historically by Erik Hadik.

Friday was Armstrongs Economic confidence TURN date- not neccessarily a stock mkt turn date, but they can coincide

BTW, there is SO MUCH BLAH BLAH BLAH at some of the OTHER Financial BLOGs, it is nausiating, and impossible to read

more later

rrman said...

1.3488 long /6e
Helge says we have bottomed for the night now will go up until 10am central tomorrow

rrman said...

well that didn't go so good got piped out