Monday, April 05, 2010

April 5th EKG

Today's EKG shows a moderate rise and later sell off

Activity index is thru the roof at 600 this morning
power index at a high 500 also

reading says DONT follow the crowd
IS Sentiment Bullish??

Shuttle launched this AM
Fed meets today - unscheduled event
last one was Feb 6th ,2009, just before the fall to March 6-9th.

Energy patterns have been confusing with March possibly having inverted
Cant tell for sure until April extends some time

Interesting TIME LINE
April 5th, 2010

270 days from March 9th , 2009
360 days from October 27th, 2008
270 days between Oct 27 -2008 & Oct 2nd 2007, right near the all time high on the 10th

more later


Reza said...

Dear Jaywizers,

We mentioned in last week flash that if market doesn’t fall during last week then they will fall any after 5.00 PM London time on 6 April and crash will take place in commodities(except grains) and stock market on 7, 8 and 9 April. If this week metals and energy falls as predicted then gold will touch $750 and oil $55. There will be three to five percent fall in stock market from Wednesday, metals and energy stocks will fall big. Monday and half Tuesday is bit positive for commodities but one can take selling position without any fear, maximum side all these commodities can rise around one percent but they won’t able to hold this gains.

Here what we mentioned in this week newsletter:

Now we are at very important Astro junctions as the current week will provide you indication for the next six weeks. All major planetary movements indicate that metals, energy and stocks shall start falling down sharply from late Tuesday or from Wednesday and prices should keep moving down sharply until Friday. This is most important indications and these three days should prove us right. Markets will fall without any break. If metals, energy and stock don’t fall from late Tuesday or Wednesday to Friday then outlook on stock markets, oil and metals will change and we may recommend our members to buy metals, oil and stocks as all these three areas can hit new high in the next weeks but at this stage I won’t make any changes in my outlook because I would like to see Wednesday to Fridays move.

We see markets will fall without any reason so be aware about negative wave which look big.

Alternative energy stock should be on buying list when market starts moving down. I have prepared whole list and within few days I will forward whole list, which will covering fuel cells, hybrid, solar, wind, uranium, nuclear and rare metals like lithium. Lithium stock will be on fire because there is huge demand and interest suddenly started.

Grains will bottom out during this week so plan to accumulate grains during this week on Thursday.

Currently gold at $1129.80, Silver at $17.99 and oil at $85.35. In worst case they can rise maximum one percent but still chances are less as only 25 hours of positive time is pending for commodities and stock markets.

Dollar to remain in bull market and yes, huge upside wave is coming USD from Wednesday.

Thanks & God Bless

Need not mention source

RickyBobby said...

Tuesday,April 20/2010 will be 20 days from March 22 bottom on the TSE( Toronto Stock Exchange).

20/20 This is significant !

We shall see.

RickyBobby said...

Looks like Chartsedge has the same map today as Jay's EKG.

Janeva said...

Another Crash call from Mahendra???
How many does that make now?

rrman said...

was flat went long /6e Euro 1.3477 i think this was the last dip for the day we should go up until around 10 to midnight central then sell off into the open

RickyBobby said...

Just bought large Long position.

Reza said...


Any thoughts for the rest of week

Reza said...

long or short overnight

rrman said...

long euro until 10 to midnight then will go short on the downwave into the open

rrman said...

thanks for posting Mahendra Reza

Jay Strauss said...

Thanks for Mahendra
MY read for TOMRROW seems to agree with him


The new moon on the 14th at 7am seems to suggest a LOW ON TUESDAY
altho the read calls for an improvement over Monday


Jay Strauss said...

Activity index reached an AMAZING 700 today, but fell back to 400 at 4pm

Such energy explosions have occurred just prior major weakness
in stock prices within 6 days


rrman said...

Reversed short 1.3485

rrman said...

i'm trading on time Helge has been right on tonight almost to the minute so looking around 3am to get out

Not trading /es but it could be down 9 or 10 points

AS said...

Thanks for sharing Reza :)

rrman said...

flat out of short /6e 1.3416 will look for a place to go long now

rrman said...

ok in long /6e 1.341 looks like we get a pop in an hour or so then back down to this level then big up until midday then retrace....huge up after hours there will be a lot of money to be made between now and tomorrow at this time in the euro

rrman said...

out of longs 1.3414 will wait until open to go long again hopefully at 1.34 or lower

rrman said...

long 1.3362 //6e