Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Nov 9th EKG & commentary

Here we GO Loop d Loop - all on NOV 10th
Will it be a repeat of May 6th ?? without recovery?
Such an event would leave NO doubt about a break of the triangle

There are multiple negative energies about to influence tomrrow

trouble & Loss
disharmony, evil, & secretive
bitter power struggles
39 hours at 10am
126bars at 10am

Today's reading
OK morning
Power struggles this afternoon

Flux indicator yesterday had moderate activity
Today so far - ditto
Activity index started yesterday at 266- ended at 200
Today is at 100 to start

Today is a FLASH "gravity day"

60bars at 11am
90b @ 1:30
120B @ 4pm --- OR open tomrrow

Wed Nov 10th
Tomorrow is BILLED as a day with many obstacles
Snags , Barriers & roadblocks
POOR Biz day

Fibo cycles
110 Jne 7th low
233 Dec18, 08 low
89/90 July 2nd Low

The next Bradley date is the 16th which calls for an easy going day
with a NOON time TURN LOWER for a low on the 17th

This is CONTRARY to previous outlook presented in
Oct for the 144 tr day cycle off Apr 26th,
but it would appear that the BIGGER cycle convergences last week
were in control of the recent highs- see Ian's blog

More Later


xenne said...

one more high might be needed to conclude this ABC rally from the 1010 low.


Unknown said...

So based on that observation, are you long waiting for the
New high, or short now?

Reza said...

JPM, HSBC scandal is adding fuel to the fire
setting for a repeat performance of what happened prior to GS in May. so waiting for XLF 16

stalion said...

Someone must have reached out to old Benji and reminded him that Red is not allowed, and he'd better get his criminal bankers pumping stocks.

xenne said...

i am long but will exit all positions later today, with nice profit.

i will short some over SPX1230, however it is saver to start shorting under SPX1205


stalion said...

as much as it goes against my grain, I'll be looking for long side trades, simply because someone probably did call Bernanke and Bernanke will respond with POMO money and winks and nods.

xenne said...

looks like wave 4 is needing some more time to play out. wxy correction


xenne said...

Credit spreads in Europe widened, reigniting alarms about a possible sovereign crisis on the continent. If there were to be one or more sovereign defaults, the resultant flight to safety into the dollar could pull the rug out from under stocks. Even more worrisome would be some geo-political surprise. An Israel/Iran dust up could send the dollar soaring in a nano-second. That could send stocks into a trapdoor selloff that could look a lot like the “flash crash”.

Unknown said...

Still amazes me how many people still talk about a
Crash. Amazing.

xenne said...

Janeva, how long are you trading? You are a newbie, I assume?

Too many traders on the same side, a nice flash crash would reset the bullishness.


Unknown said...

Been trading over 30 years. Long enough to know what works and what doesn't. I've never seen anyone
Profitably trade Elliot wave real time. Lots of analysis
After the fact but no consistent real time profits.

stalion said...

Intraday support/resistance: SPX 1217.5/1226.5, DTX 486/493, DJIA 11350/11425, Nasdaq 2567.5/2592.5, OEX 549.5/553; VIX 17.9/19.5

Jay Strauss said...

TOMRROW is the DAY we find out whats REAL and WHATS not

Unknown said...

Wait for sub 1200 to close longs or short

xenne said...

right on, Jay.

take care,

stalion said...

we closed RED !!!

down 60 points??? should of been 6000 points. oh, I forgot the corrupted FED/Obama still in office.

Unknown said...

600 maybe, 6000 is a bit of a stretch.
Everything is ripe for a huge fall tomorrow,
So if we close green, I rest my case

stalion said...

Janeva - you know they will come in and save the day. Today 60 points down is to me as a FLAT day close.

San said...

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