POWER DATA ONE WEEK AHEAD - Provides an 80% Correlation to the SPX

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jan 26 & most of Jan 27

Adjusted times ----------Jan26close-----Jan 27th open--------2pmFED-H

The times within the box didnt come out right when I transferred the image

THUS we may have WAVE 'b', NOT as low as WAVE 3 as this morning,
JUST as I commented on earlier
looking for wave 'c' - 4 ~~ higher tomrrow @ spx 1104 for potential short
could go a little above that but not by much



Anonymous said...
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Reza said...

Who ever this anon is, he/she is doing to other blogs.

Jay Strauss said...

Internals are near BUY levels, but not yet,
they do confirm a higher day tomrrow

proprietary ratios
ADv- DEcl = 276 On jan 8 = 1031
Vol = 247 on Jan 8 = 1396
When these 2 values drop UNDER 400, it is a warning to get ready to buy
BUT- it could take up to 5 days b4 a real turn occurs

5 day adv/dec ave = 55, was @ 206
5 day vol ave =49, was @ 279

5 day arms is 139.6 was @ 85.2


Jay Strauss said...

Power index shows tomrrow is last hurrah, then wave 5 of 3 completes in 2 days on Jan 29th.

wave 4 then has feb 1 up
wve 5 =feb 2 down to the low of the month

could be lower OR NOT

rrman said...

I've got a buy at 1076.5 to cover my shorts we'll see if we get there while i'm asleep...