Wednesday, January 06, 2010

January 2010

It would appear that this chart is looking better as the day progresses today being Jan 6

There seems to be NO selling pressure of much consequence today so far
and the activity index is jumping between 66 and 166

However, we still have the PIVOT day tomrrow from
Armstrong's previous pivot low on April 20= 182 tr days = 8.6 months

IT may ALL occur in one day as far as a larger sell off, but it now appear
the sell off on Dec31 as pictured above might hold

the 11th as Flash posted has some strong potential
Sun 0 Venus 0 Node = sunshine on money(venus) means a good biz day
Might even be the high of the month
Some people would call it a HIGH ENERGY DAY

If the 22nd is to offer a STRONG TURN as shown,
I would venture to think it would start sooner
projecting wave a prior to Jan 22 & wave b high ON Jan 22nd
thus the wave c sell off from Jan 25th to FEb 2nd

In other words, even though my chart is SKEWED toward a Jan 22nd high
it might NOT work out exactly that way
MY ORIGINAL GRAPH- the rough draft had Jan 11-15 & 22 fairly equal
BUT it also shows some weakening AFTER Jan 11th,
which might lead to lower lows and lower highs up to Jan 22

If you scroll down to the light lavendar color graphs under January 2010
it shows what I mean

more later

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