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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jan 19 & 20

-----------------------19thL----4pmH---20th 10:30L---4pmH---21open L

WE got the rally within 3 days of Jan 14th eclipse high with run over on the 19th.
Someone pointed out Oct19 to Jan 19

ONCE more - its not IF, but WHEN the market will move from
a rebound wave to the next impulse lower

Ive written this b4 many times also
Typically the 23rd of any month tends to have a tendency to make a strong turn
numerology would point out that 2+3 = 5 which represents CHANGE

Its now quite obvious that 258 bars hit on CLOSE Friday,
and the rally from the START on the 19th is proof of that.

Today we STILL have potential to make a short term low at 10;30
90bars & 13 day segment
120b @ 1pm
150b @ 3:30pm

156bars hits at EITHER 4pm today OR open tomrrow -
thus Thsday and we could see a lower start also, UNLESS of course it hits at 4pm today


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