Monday, January 25, 2010

new graphic chart for Jan 25th & 26th


this graphic shows tomrrow has more potential to fit in
with a mood change on the 25th from good to poor on the 26th



rrman said...

jay what are the times on those lines

Jay Strauss said...

NO way to delineate exact times

however, using other data

we have
150 bars @ 11:30
180bars @ 2pm
204 bars @ 4pm
the day should end on its lows

and WEd should open as did today
but wont end as well

today's 1 min OBV seems to have peaked at 3pm

120bars at 3;30
126bars @ 4pm

dont know which one will have stronger effect as right now its 3;35pm


rrman said...

it looks like 1080 could be on the books sometime before open tomorrow..

Reza said...

Due to Jay's chart and astro, SEC is getting nervous (lol)

rrman said...

Reza look at the top chart it shows this down wave has a lot further to go tonight and in the morning...I got burned a bit the down wave Helge showed this morning ending at open but it extended a few hours.

rrman said...

Anonymous said...

Today's action was very bearish...does not feel like the declines of last year. Real buyers are absent. We probably go down faster than people think further crushing the buy the dip retail herd

Jay Strauss said...

Very clear thinking.
wish we knew who wrote that


Anonymous said...

HEY RRman your link

looks bullish from here until beginning of Feb

Red Dragon Leo said...

If this sell off holds, we might see 1080 tomorrow? In the old days, when the market was down big the night before, the PPT would come and and rally it in the morning.

That may not happen this time? I really think they will try to hold this market up until after the FOMC meeting Wednesday, and Obama's State of the Union Speech later that night.

But, they may have lost that ability to hold it up? We'll see tomorrow I guess? Good night.