POWER DATA ONE WEEK AHEAD - Provides an 80% Correlation to the SPX

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Jan 13

----------------------------------------------open ---1:42pm---close

One pic is worth 1000 words, and so far they are darn good

Its very hard to place the times on the blog
they dont come out where I put them, and I have to adjust & edit several times

the crux of it shows
SLOPPY OPEN & the reading does indicate a lower start with Moon 90 Saturn at 9:11am
HOD should come at 1:42pm on Sun 60 Uranus
close should be lower, read says be FLEXIBLE -but the picture for 13th isnt complete yet



Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Boy Jay you got me confused.

First you were looking for an early Feb lo and up into July

Now you're looking down into April????


rrman said...

wow up to 1135 on the futes we might make 1140 before morning!

indigo said...

Thanks Jay for the daily charts and the outlook for the year ahead. I like to keep an eye on both, so I really appreciate it.

Did Flash really say the selling was starting in Feb? I think his specialty is to call rally days rather than tops, but I think he said he'd make a guess when the "rogue wave" was coming... My data shows the sharpest selling from around 28 Jan - 2 Feb. It's going to be choppy!

Anonymous said...

Something tells me we ain't srting any rally until we get past OEX first. In other words the market will still make another low on Thursday.
The current rally will have to die by mid-day or less Wednesday to confirm.


rrman said...

out of longs and short now 1136

Jay Strauss said...

Yes Jim
further analysis indicates weakness to April 6th before that rally to late June can begin


gismeu said...


for today (Wednesdday) I see the turn up coming aroud 2:50, give or take 15 minutes.


Anonymous said...


Jay is not offering any guarantee but what he reads as per his understanding the influence of planets on market. This is neither basic or technical.
Other people give their readings based on their skills. This blog is an attempt to guess the best probability as you can see.
We must take our own decisions which we can share here just in case to tally with others.
It is better not to be critical.
Jay is an excellent person and I do not doubt his abilities.