Friday, January 29, 2010

Jan 29 recap

As I wrote- some times it really difficult to delineate when one day ends and the next day begins

I dont MAKE these charts myself

They come to me from universal data and they are already published in advance

I try to show ONLY the data and graph that has relevance to the NEXT day
rather than include prior day or 2 to 3 days in the graph

I think this shows more clarity rather than including past days

Today showed a rally at open and typically we top at 10 to 11am as we actually did
Reported possible low at 11:30, DUHH , we actually got a low at noon

reported possible high at 2;30, and it occurred at 1;30- OMG just shoot me-gg

Reported possible low at 4pm, and it hit at 3;30, damn missed it again -gg

If I dont blow my own horn, I dont know who will

Yes, I do better in declining markets, but that is GOING TO CHANGE
You see my FEb graph and THOSE who will keep you AND ME short all the way
UP to FEb 28th will not be welcome

IT looks like the addition of the DAILY graphs has increased my accuracy greatly.

Looking forward to more of the same- later


Anonymous said...

Anyone look at a 60 min graph of the market lately? It looks like a waterfall decline is about to happen like October 2008...just saying. Must be tough to be puts this late in the game but sometimes the best trades are the toughest ones

Cementzak said...

thanks for your charts. i agree that we are very close to a bottom. are you expecting new highs after this crash? take care

Sherm said...

Jay.... great work this week.
You mentioned that monday will open on 180bars and start the decline.
I've been thinking that this would play out as follows:
Monday morning - up/flat open and then slowly begin to selloff.
Monday afternoon - selloff picks up close on lod
Tuesday morning - gap down capitulation and mid day reversal
Your thoughts?

rrman said...

Thanks Jay have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

It looks like we got the mother of all sell signals, a monthly lower reversal, and a monthly 2close reversal. Wonder what Hadik has to say about his current possible 4wave pullback theory now? He changed his website the other night and deleted the headline about the current bull market being in play so he must be changeing his tune somewhat.
I expected the decline to accelerate once it broke support at the Dec lows but it might be waiting for the full moon to ignite the action to the downside (following the solar eclipse top on Jan 15). There should be a weekly wave 2 bounce in the interim (following the initial low) and then watch out below. Wave 3 of iii of 1 about to begin in my opinion.
Many bears on message boards looking for a bounce; no sign of panic yet and sensitve investor polls like AAII did not see a noticeable jump in bears despite last week's big decline (on previous pullbacks bear numbers would explode rather quickly)

Anonymous said...

Everyone's expecting a bounce. I doubt we get one. I'm still loaded to the hilt in puts. If we gap down and massacre Monday, I'll be able to retire lol

Anonymous said...

Prechter was right, this is going to be bloody come Monday. All those conditioned dip buyers will panic soon

samamehta said...


you are on right track. wave A down complete or near complete. wave B 50% retrace to start Mon to 1090is. Then Jay', Prechter's avalanche to 930 before any meaningful rally. just mho

samamehta said...

Feb 9 or 10 are avalanche days.

rrman said...

Sam wouldnt surprise me if a lot of that wave happens before the open Monday...

Anonymous said...


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Jay Strauss said...

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Jay Strauss said...

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doc4bax said...

shark, I wanted to be number 100.. shark..