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Friday, November 13, 2009

November Natural energy chart

Follow along this chart from the NOV 2nd LOW on the LEFT

We do see a secondary low on 3rd or 4th which we did get

5th big rally was next and well pictured into 9th high

one off day on 10th was followed by another rally on 11th

then it shows 3 days down-up down to possibly the 16th & 17th

then another rally follows immediately to 18th
and another 3 wave decline with one more rally to the 25th

The LAST dip looks to me LIKE a SHARP retreat on 27th & 30th



samamehta said...

Jay your scenario makes sense:

here from FLASH:
@samamehta closed DOW 10,200+ & 10,220+; 10,470 in play now; this may not happen in 1 shot but shall see; OEX next wk. tricks in play
25 minutes ago from web in reply to samamehta

Anonymous said...

That was a nice pump at the close. Be ready for huge selloff Monday. SRS and faz are on a firesale.


Anonymous said...

Mr. X , hope you are right as before

Anonymous said...

I thought Mr.x in the previous comment section said rally on Monday?

Anonymous said...

There are 2 x's


Anonymous said...

I don't think there's gonna be a sell-off just yet.

We'll have to wait till after the 18th.

Looks like the correction when it starts will last till almost the end of the year.

2010 will start mild and then BAM --Up we go- Parabolic till August.


Anonymous said...

MKT: why is it that some of the smartest traders I know seem to be magnetized by being perpetually short the MKT; thinkin it's FEAR juice

The Flash

Anonymous said...

And if the market fell apart come Monday, we wouldn't be surprised. But since its most anticipated, I suspect it may not happen.


Jay Strauss said...

Correct me if Im wrong
HE sold his long position Friday and bot some shorts,

If higher on open Monday he said he will add more shorts


at 4pm on the 12th and it did hit at 3;30 typically
as well as 10am on Friday 13th

Using my chart on the main page shows we are STILL going to sell off Monday

IF so, then the buy is Tuesday @10am
and the close out for that long would be on the 18th at 1pm

From tuesday's open low
we should get a 5 wave rally into NOV25th HIGh

see the pic on the main page

Anonymous said...


Last week we saw volatility in all major stock markets. All major Markets will trade sideways on Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday markets will gain but won’t be able to hold gains on Thursday and Friday. Negative period will continue for the next six months before historic bull market starts.

Markets have surprised me by not moving down after 13 September and they have been absorbing the negative cycle. I still don’t recommend any buying before the end of the year. Hold cash as a great opportunity is on the way, Yes in five year I see Dow reaching 32,000 so from next year start accumulating long positions.

Still four negative weeks are pending so one can buy short term puts and can sell markets and stocks with stop-loss in all major markets for the next one month.

Stay away from European markets and Asian markets for the time being. This week is best time to avoid new trading except one can buy power related stocks.

Short term trend (Six weeks): Weak, Dow will move down from 10300

Medium term trend (One year): Sideways in 2010

Longer term trend (Five year): Bullish, Dow should hit 32000


Anonymous said...

There are like 4 x's lol
Its real simple folks. Just pull up a daily chart and you can see we're in a topping process like back in Oct., Sept, and August. Unless we break 1100 and hold, you can put a fork in this market. Good risk vs reward to load up short here just like last month. If we break 1100 and close above it, switch the other way. Don't think too hard.


Anonymous said...

Loaded to the hilt in puts for the impending decline. We will drop, but the question is how far. I see 900's as a nice target for the H&S. This pattern will work this time now that so many are skeptical of it.


Anonymous said...


The 6 month cycle has extended a bit and HAS NOT BOTTOMED.


COUNT ON IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

which one is xx