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Thursday, November 26, 2009


Chart from Daneric public pages

THE other shoe has dropped and its name is DUBAI- & default

Europe off 2% on our day off getting stuffed with Turkey, and futures off 100 dow so far

DId Flash say 10,200, could be Friday, a day early and when Friday's sell off
it usually sells off on Monday also

CYCLE LOW as projected MANY times RIGHT here

& some of you are already SHORT as per your comments - Congrats

Some one woke up the BEAR, and he is making a lot of noise

more later


Reza said...

Jay, U mean bears are starting with the turkey, then the bull. Seems the bear is very hungry and starting with the appetizer first

after8 said...

seems scary but nearly time to get long for the b wave up in my opinion.friday should open stronger than europes close.

UK Trader said...

Someone called me a dummy for saying the market was going down on Nov 23 to Dec 10.

ha ha , hope you got your face ripped off.

Hey - why not dip buy and catch the knife . lol

Red Dragon said...


I missed getting in short on this move as I was waiting till Friday. Needless to say, I'm not happy about this.

This is what I'm doing right now... if anyone cares?

This is what I'm saying (under my breath)... if anyone cares?

Bast%&8ds! As#@holes! Sh*%heads! Crooked sons of B#@ches! Da@m I'm P#$sed off at Goldman Sucks and Timmy boy, and Benny, and Obombus, and everyone else that's crooked that I don't know about!


Red Dragon said...

For all you that were smart enough to already be short... congratulations... and Happy Thanksgiving too!

Jay Strauss said...

Typically the MKT makes its move right after a holiday

And now it has a solid excuse for dumping

But all is not lost,

Get ready to buy Dec1st at 3pm
check out 39 hr cycle
Nov 20- Nov 12 - Nov4

very consistent and is the smallest component of the 54/108 tr day cycles

Or you could go short on any rebound Friday
If we take out 10,200 Friday, then 9800 is knocking for Monday

Jay Strauss said...

They call me that all the time[gggg]

BUT NOW its WOW time for you & I

wait the fall till dec1st at noon
to 3pm for the BUY

Full moon kick up to dec7th

Ive posted ALL OF the above several times


Red Dragon said...

I'll be praying for a bounce on Friday Jay, instead of the usual "Thank you God for all this food on this Thanksgiving, and all my friends and family... blah, blah, blah"


Anonymous said...


I feel for u man.

The motto is "Think like a criminal".

Like Jay said. Sell any rally tomorrow. I smell one coming.

I'm trading Canadian stocks today. You can trade Canadian ticker: HSU or HSD which is the S&P 500 Bull and Bear ETF's.

I was smart and established positions in these stocks to circumvent the american holiday.

It's good to know for next time.


Anonymous said...

I don't believe in thanksgiving. What are the native Indians thankful for? That their way of life was snuufed out and forcefully pacified and christianiized. What a joke. What's the african american slave thankful for? That they were kidnapped, enslaved and raped beaten? what a joke.
What are the poor thankful for? Income tax on wages instead of profit prior to 1913. Inflation and corporate tilted capitalist playing field.

I'm thankful for a lot but not on this day!


Sean said...

Billy, I'm thankful you're not at my Thanksgiving table.

Anonymous said...


too bad. Ignorance is bliss.