Tuesday, November 10, 2009

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Ian noted this on another site and at his blog - FYI for information only

Sep 3rd 1929 was an exact Fibonacci 55 squared weeks (Also close to Spiral calender (SC) F29) from August 25th 1987, exact all the way into the 10/29/29 Crash of 1929 = 10/20/87 Crash 0f 1987.

Here is the interesting part: October 09 is currently following an exact Fibonacci 34 squared weeks (also close to SC F25) cycle from the 8/25/1987 High.

Here is how the cycle breaks down:

1. 8/25/87 High = 10/20/09 High (+1)

2. 9/08/87 Low = 11/03/09 Low (-1 )

3. 9/14/87 High = 11/09/09 High +/-1

4. 9/22/87 Low = 11/17/09 Low +/-1

5. 10/5/87 High = 11/30/09 High +/-1

6. 10/12/87 Low = 12/07/09 Low +/-1

7. 10/13/87 High = 12/08/09 High +- 1

8. Crash Week: 10/20/87 Crash Low = 12/15/09 Low +/- 1

September 3rd 1929 High was an exact Fibonacci 55 Squared weeks away from August 25th 1987, which is an exact Fibonacci 34 squared weeks away from October 21st 2009 High. How unusual is that? Will History repeat?


Did we NOT have A CLEAR 5 WAVE DECLINE into NOV2nd ?
IF so, then shouldnt we consider the CORRECTION is NOT OVER
5 waves down to Nov 2
3 waves up to Nov 9 or 10 = a Bradley turn
5 waves down to Nov 13 -16

We have numerous cycles converging on 12th and 16th
12th & 13th
89 July9 lo to lo
144 Apr22 lo to lo
176 Mar 6 - lo to lo
14th = Midnite low tide
Saturn 90 Pluto
264 Oct27th- 2008 lo to lo
248 NOV 20 = 8day cycles lo to lo
247 Nov 21 = JAYWIZ 13 day cycles
Bradley turn date
NEW MOON in Scorpio= death & transformation
a LOW on the 12th should roll over to another low on 16th
Maybe thats what Flash refers to 3 legs???

NOv 13 to 16 = VERY SIMILAR to Nov 2nd - 4th = a rolling low
BUT this time possibly lower on 3rd leg on 16th & open on 17th


more later


Jay Strauss said...

FLASH dates
WAS NOV 2nd - same as Jaywiz

NOV 9th
NOV 13
Nov 16th
He describes it as 3 legged turns

My description of NOV 13 to 16 = rolling bottom similar to Nov 2 to 4

But this time the 16th could be lower than the 13th.

According to cycles and astro
we should get a
NOV 12th LOW close &
10am low on 13th
up till 11am on 16th-
down till TURN point low at 13 day cyle at 10;30 on 17th


THE MAIN REASON for SUCH exuberance is SUN 90 JUPITER @ 1:42PM today pushed by a MOON in LEO
= irrational exuberance
thats why SOME OF you Leo's are professing such BULLISH attitudes


Anonymous said...


Flash has Nov.23 LOW.


Jay Strauss said...

YES I know, BUT HE IS GOING TO BE WRONG on that date - IT WILL BE A BAD mkt day, but it wont be a LOW

a HIGH on NOV 20th
a BAD DAY on the 23rd WILL NOT BE an important LOW
as it will be followed by a strong rebound & high on the 25th

SOO, we have potential for highs on 20th - DIP on 23rd
resume rally to highs on 25th
SELL OFF to end of month= 30th

FLASH has the DATES, but is working on CALEB to ID the trends
I am in constant communications with him.

He does NOT use astro, but is working on discovering gravitational effects based on Keplers laws- not an easy task, but he is a scientist.

Actually we both AGREE on a MAJOR SELL OFF late DECEMBER
but more about that later


Anonymous said...

Time to go long more here. Market is punishing shorts now.

Jay Strauss said...

you would be more credible if you would ID yourself with at least an intial.
Actually- please log in as a follower

Do you have any tech data to support
your bullish outlook for today?

10am was a 39 hour cycle from 10am on NOV 2nd, if you remember the mkt opened 142pts higher & topped at 10AM

the NEXT 39 hour cycleS hit on NOV 18th at 10am AND 2;10pm


Anonymous said...

I think Flash means 23rd is a high?

Jay Strauss said...

Thats just it
FLASH is good with dates but he really has no way to tell if high or low- hes working on it.

however, IF the 20th is a HIGh as I have projected- DOES that FIT within one day??

the 23rd FALLS into the MIDDLE of a minor downtrend as described

TOO MANY times traders want to ID a day as a LOW, or high, but it ONLY ends up in the middle of a trend

Armstrongs timing is 85 trading days Mar 6 - July8- Nov 9


samamehta said...

Jay, you and FLASH are right. we see majoe selloff in dec rt at year end. But we are likely to make significant new high by mId dec. to 1180-1200 befroe the selloff.

samamehta said...


@samamehta 3 leg turn is a concept I invented; confusion for traders; 3 chance highs typically; in between days can be pullbacks
about 15 hours ago from web in reply to samamehta

Anonymous said...

I hope we come back up so I can reload on the bounce. This ship is going down!!!

StalkThenPounce said...

Anonymous... earlier you said "Time to go long more here. Market is punishing shorts now."

Which is it???

*** sarcasm ***

Jay Strauss said...

HI spratman
Thats EXACTLy why I ask people to ID themselves

How do we know WHO is making what

Please folks, I really appreciate every CONSTRUCTIVE comment, but it would be better for everyone to know who is the author.

ps; WELCOME new members

Anonymous said...

Long fas $76.


Jay Strauss said...

HI Sam
Thats why Im attempting to clarify his statement using cycles

GOT a LOW on NOV 12th at 4pm, and or Nov 13 at 10am

Rebound on 13th to OPEN on 16th at 11am and maybe 2;15 on the new moon

But it should close on its lows
at 52hrs from the 4th @4pm ,and open lower on the 17th at 10:30am on the 13day cycle, or at least setback like it did on NOV21st;

fascinating convergence of cycles
90 July 10 =
91 days July10 = A 13 day cycle
248 days Nov 20 = an 8day cycle
11days Nov 2nd

Complicated for sure

Unknown said...

Venus Trillien (105) Jupiter at 14:38, I'm looking to drive us a little deeper. No one looks at this aspect, cept me.

StalkThenPounce said...

Hi Coy,

I take it you're short. Do you have a target in mind or more of time frame for closing it out?


Anonymous said...

If any of you aren't long, You Should Be.
Going higher from here into tomorrow.


Unknown said...

Creation of a double top (1 min) should help.

Anonymous said...

GAP-UP in the morning!!


rrman said...

Wouldnt it be amazing after they gun the futes ah to 1096.5 that they collapse before the morning..

Anonymous said...


It would be bloody amazing....but it won't happen. I am 200% certain of it.
But let's suppose it did. It would then rebound to a new high before you could get a short off.


rrman said...

bought more faz today on sale for 19.52 target 26

Anonymous said...

I'll buy faz after this HUGE GAP-UP this morning.



Anonymous said...

wow Jay and co. Think u missed another rally leg. R u still adding more shorts? This could be this biggest Rally leg of all the way it's going. We can rule out the H&S pattern now I think


Anonymous said...

sold fas $80.21, posted in real time from yesterday but I think we go higher still. Just locking profits.
Good luck permabears!