Wednesday, February 28, 2007


So whats the risk tomrrow and or Friday?
150 pts down to the 12,116 intraday low of the 27th.
with LOW volume the dow should never get there.

The effects of the 27th will end pretty much as a one day event. FOR NOW.

The Techncals are way way way OVERSOLD and screaming BUY
The only thing holding them back is the WAVE count needs to be completed.

The question becomes when to BUY
Ive posted NOON a few times and that still looks optimum

Buy in stages or all at once? thats a tough question.
With MINIMAL risk, however, the reward should be OK- either way.
Im guessing the spx wants to make it to at least the old high at 1525, and that would take the dow to 13K.
My date for that event is March 16th., which is also a SOLAR Eclipse- also can be a high energy event.

CHris Carolyn has been using the lunar events for years and is a very sucessful analyst.

Full moon Eclipse (this wkend) are usually energizing events and I would venture to guess Friday could be a fairly strong day. The 1st and 2nd days of a new month do tend to be strong UP days.

Im using the QLD to buy the market long- ITS a 2X ETF and has some very good percentage gains.
It is also quite liquid. & Orders get executed immediately if placed at market.

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I hope you are getting some value from this blog.

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