Friday, April 12, 2013

Market Timing -Whats Next !! EW graph & parameters

SORRY for the SILENCE last 2 days- have been dealing with a diagnosis of prostate cancer
and will have to undergo 8 weeks of radiation treatments. IT is 99% curable, but it will be traumatic for me over the next 2 to 6 months.

The recovery off the APR5th BRADLEY PIVOT low regained MORE than the 78% as thuoght possible and took a day or 2 longer than anticipated, but IT DOES LOOK like 1600 is a lost thought for now.

THE WAVE from the 1597 high appears to have morphed into 5 waves to 1579 @WAVE (1), thus allowing a recovery in wave (2) to as much as 78% to 1593-

Stay tuned for further updates

 NOTE HOW WELL the EKG LEAD the SPX path this week



vickv said...

i hated to hear that you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer but as you know we all males after 50+ have to face this diagnosis; again it is very slow growing and radiation treatment is very much every body is recommending for that only thing you will have to face it is some local discomfort in the area where you get radiation and some changes in colon movements but you should do great.
i have been your admirer and whatch your blog every morning old or new only reason i did not renew is because i do not trade and at my age of 67+ itis very hard for me to learn how to interpret graphs and datas i do not even know where to start so i did not but i want you to know i have always been and always will be your admirer and will always pray for your better health.

Jay Strauss said...

HI Vick
thanks for your note
best wishes