Saturday, July 06, 2013

Market Timing-Whats Next !! POWER DATA in Review & Projection

IT DOES LOOK LIKE we will get a sell off on the 8th & part of the 9th
MATCHES other data that indicates  a short term drop off

also note the sentiment calling for a continuation high on Monday to 1650 of more

if we look at price levels, we might consider the following
1560 to 1632 = wave 1
wave 2 back off 50% to 62% of the previous gain of72 pts
1632- 36= 1596
1632 - 45= 1587, and that fills a previous gap also

ONCE AGAIN as it does every week, THE POWER DATA gives us a ONE WEEK LOOK AHEAD.
IT GETS published each SUNDAY at 7pm and updated several times during the week
to get beyond the next Friday's date.
RIGHT NOW, for example, IT depicts MONDAY to WED quite well, and VPN members KNOW EXACTLY WHAT TO EXPECT.

Stay Tuned for Further Updates
better yet
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