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Friday, November 14, 2014

Stock Market Timing-What NOW !! NO CRASH IN SITE !!!

NO, it didn't dissolve away 
nor are we headed to the moon

however, we can expect some softness thru a CYCLE CONVERGENCE LOW on Nov18th stemming from the Nov20, 2008 lows.

Still no crash ?? NOPE !!

Mr Putin moving in lots of Military 
might into Ukraine- IS HE PLAYING CHICKEN with the West again or does he really mean to use those assets
this time, and IF SO- WHEN will that occur?

BRADLEY on 20th is indicated as a low on the master
graph, but many of those Bradley dates have been HIGHS
this year, and MY POWER DATA indicates such.

In addition to the Bradley on NOV20th we also have another MAJOR CYCLE CONVERGENCE hitting on NOV21st- it will be 1440 trade days from 3-9-09.
thats 10 repetitions of FIBO 144. Most of those fibo dates from past lows have led to current highs.

SOME of my OTHER CYCLE WORK suggests some VERY SEVERE SELLING could occur over Thanksgiving week.

but for NOW the BULL stays in control
PC ratios arent showing anything dramatic
and neither is the ARMS DATA. with no dramatic sell off now, and another rally next week, we would be looking for that data to be telling us something of importance.

be aware & be ready


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