Saturday, February 28, 2015

Stock Market Timing-What Now !! HEART HEALTH donation

MY 11 year old Grand Daughter has decided to raise money for the benefit of older and sick people with heart disease- Please link to the site below and donate something to let her know she has many many more friends than she could ever imagine-

FORTUNATELY - Ive had my medical  problems as well you know when 2 years ago I had radiation treatment for prostate cancer. BUT as far as my heart goes - MY EX would love to hear Ive got heart problems- TOO BAD that just ain't gonna happen. At age 71, ONE doctor who we visited last week guessed my age at 61, and I thanked him greatly. I told him it was because my current wife of 20 years takes very good care of me. She has been his patient for at least 20 years plus.

Last week's medical NIGHTMARE with the Mother in Law, WE got to the ER at 4pm and didnt leave until midnight.-UGGHHH- that was terrible- HER HEART Dr. changed her meds, and she got a very bad reaction to them. To make a long story short, it took 7 days to get her out of their grip. She is now recovering at home, but an 86 year old DID NOT NEED TO go thru that torture.

YOU CAN BE SURE we will scrutinize any new meds they prescribe-
will talk about the mkts tomorrow

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