Friday, July 24, 2015

Stock Market Timing-What NOW !! BEARS ARE SALIVATING over crash prospects

PC ratios show us the the BEAR SPECULATORS & TRADERS ARE WAY OVER LEVERAGED with large positions of PUTS Against calls.

Whats that mean ? you ask.
simple - BEARS ARE GONNA GET WHACKED next week, at least on MONDAY.
In addition the days low at 258bars was due at 4pm-
The actual spx hit a PIVOT low of 2077 @3:45 bumped the close to 2079.
SPX futures after mkt close bumped up to 2085 @ 4:15pm 


SOME of the MORE IMPORTANT ratios are -
SPY @ 3.29   was 1.05 on Thsday
IPC @1.96    was .96
SPX @2.57  was 1.67
SOME that relate to more selling next week
VIX @ .28 was .32, but on WEd was .15 extremely bearish
OEX @1.06 was  1.39 & 1.12 on WEd- holding onto a bearish stance

THIS MOTO graph was published well before the week started giving VPN members plenty of time to prepare their trading strategies for the week ahead.

  I know you don't care about next week so I'm not even going to remind you that all it costs is $100 for 90 days to give you a HEADS UP and the ability to make better trading decisions, not to mention the $$$THOUSANDS you can pocket from having advance knowledge--

Be aware & get ready to trade

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