POWER DATA ONE WEEK AHEAD - Provides an 80% Correlation to the SPX

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Stock Market Timing-What NOW!! ** HISTORICAL GRAPH Tells ALL we Need to KNOW **

ONE LOOK at the Historical projection provided to VPN clients reveals WHEN to be LONG & WHEN to be SHORT.

Weekly graphs such as JAYWIZ POWER DATA & LILLY only serve to confirm or deny the monthly projection. 

We have NOW prepared a 3 month projection such as shown here for past review from NOV 2015 thru March 24th-

ARE we headed to NEW HIGHS in the next few months ?
WAS January a warning that should not be ignored ?

YES, the recovery was greatly received by most, except the bears. WILL they be renewed now ? or will the bullish trend prevail ?

ALL GREAT QUESTIONS that may or may not be answered so easily right now or in the next few months. 

BUT wouldn't you like to SEE what to expect for at least the next 3 months? most of you who read my blog are short term traders, thus the next few months could serve you quite well, and the longer term future will just fall into place as it arrives. Of course we will be updating quarterly projections to keep you in touch with reality same as below.

ONE of the most amazing the WEEKLY projections above does depict ONE WEEK AHEAD

BE AWARE & get READY to trade


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