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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Stock Market Direction-What NOW !! The Market is NEVER

Just when you think the market is never going to sell off ever again, it does the unexpected and SELLS OFF.

THE JAYWIZ MOTO as seen, since published on Monday August 8th identifies today as a HIGH w/ the next 2 days scheduled to sell off to a low on Monday Aug15th.

HOW BIG will that sell off be ? Jay.
I would venture to guesstimate a DOW JONES loss of at least 300 pts could (should) occur 2mrw August 12th leading to further selling on Monday Aug15th.

WE dont depend on just one resource to confirm such a projection. 
We have others such as the POWER DATA as seen at the top of the blog page that ALSO IDENTIFY whats expected next.

HERE is the POWER DATA also****
THUS we see just HOW POWERFUL having advance
knowledge of market action can be. 

Stay tuned for further updates

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