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Friday, September 02, 2016

Stock Market Timing-Whats Next !! WHEN IS THE NEXT BEST SHORT PLAY ??

EVERYONE wants to KNOW THAT !! for sure .

NO- It wont be at the NEXT FOMC meeting
NO- it wont be Tuesday SPT6th, but it is coming soon.

Jay has WRITTEN a FORECAST for the VPN group 
which Identifies EXACTLY the NEXT BEST TIME 
PERIOD TO BE SHORT - and its NOT FAR OFF from today.
but  you think you can handle it on your own>
OK- but lets see who called it precisely on Spt2nd 

after it occurs from Spt___ to SPT___. 
IT WILL LAST 2+ 1/2 days. 
16.25 lovely bearish hours.

THE JAYWIZ POWER DATA IDENTIFIED last week's short Play from 2183 on AUG29th to SPT1st at 2157.

THE EW graph below shows EXACTLY how it progressed
AND WHY in general EW terms.

 Stay Tuned for Further Updates

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