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Monday, April 30, 2012

Market Timing- Whats Next -- Daily EKG for 4/30 & partial 5/1

this week promises a dramatic change from last week- the tide has shifted.
April 2nd is similar to May2nd, 2011
April 26th is similar to May 30th, 2011
Scroll down on the main page to see the GRAPHIC outline of how this particular wave should emulate last years late summer, early fall correction.

NOTICE THE TIME & DATE this was SENT out to the VPN group
I hope no one minds that I point out how perfect today was captured by the EKG, & it was sent to the VPN on SUNDAY

This was sent out @8:52 AM - NOTE there are NOW 3 components of the EKG, thus allowing us to get a neat CONSENSUS
and giving us a much better picture of what we should expect today and part of tomorrow

TO get the rest of this weeks updates, you will have to be a VPN member- so JOIN TODAY
and STAY TUNED for further updates-

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