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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

market timing - whats next -- EKG for today May1st

My1st = 144 OCT 4th and
67 from Jan 25th high to high
a HUGE TURN is expected at 11;30 today
wv [i] at 1422 to 1357
wave [ii] at 1357 to 1411= a 78% retrace
wave[iii] starts at 11;30 am
May 3rd first targeted low
May 4th - full moon energizer bunny
May7th next low
Anniv of OSB killing also pushed the MKT up and gave it up by days end
June 1st, 2011 = May 1st , 2011 wave the top of wave [ii] right now at 1411

Published at 11:20am on 5/1

IT TOOK A WHILE LONGER than it it showed, but WE ARE ON THE WAY DOWN !!!
LAST JUNE in a similar position took out 500 Dow points in 5 days-

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