Thursday, May 03, 2012

Market Timing - Whats Next -- EKG & SPX go hand in hand

got to break 1388 to get to 1373 and maybe even 1364, but lets get one obstacle first
1:30 near a low @ - E & 220 bars
2;30 near a low @ 228bars
as noted - later rebound nothing like the EKG as far as DEPTH

EKG above was sent out to the VPN group at 5pm yesterday and UPDATED at 8AM today

as NOTED  a million times, the DEPTH of the swings in actual trading DO NOT have to be as WILD as the EKG seems to indicate-- IT comes from MOTHER NATURE, and I have NO way to change IT nor do I ever want to, but the EKG is USED as only ONE TOOL with a series of other resources to connect the dots and give us more info with which we can make better trading decisions

stay tuned for further updates

IN other words, what LOOKS LIKE a HUGE DROP OR RALLY MAY NOT TURN OUT THAT WAY. But the VALUE of the EKG is to shows  INTRADAY TRENDS - up & down directions confirmed with ENERGY> CYCLES> Elliott, CHARTING, TECH DATA, and much more.

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