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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Market Timing-Whats Next - Jaywiz EKG for 5/17 and part of 5/18

This update was sent out to the VPN group at 9am--
Yes, a little later than usual - had to bring some new clients & several renewals UP TO DATE 

A RALLY is BREWING UNDERNEATH this weakness today, and we might get to see
some recovery later today as you can see above on the EKG for today

OTHER data and technical Internals are also indicating we should be getting ready for a turn higher
THRU the 25th and could be as much as 500 dow pts by that time

As for now we did bounce off 1316 at the 180 bar pivot, but a little delayed due to the LEI data at 10am

The NEXT pivot is at 204bars at 11;30 which might also be delayed or not to noon

Hard to tell if 5 waves have completed at 1316, but it is still possible to get as low as 1300
before a strong bottom is made.

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