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Monday, November 26, 2012

Market Timing- Whats Next !! SELL SIGNALS generated

SELL SIGNALS WERE generated on Friday's CLOSE on my 10 year old SPREAD SHEET of INTERNAL TECHNICAL Arms data. 

2 graphs are available for viewing at Rant Finance under the Jaywiz blog- There are also many previous articles on that data and how it is tracked. Scroll thru those articles to review & print them out.

BUT FOR NOW, we are looking at a drop back to probably the 1340 area or lower by Friday Nov 30th.

EKG & PD for last week showed the upward movement quite well and it DOES ALL THAT IN ADVANCE.

You've already seen the EKG for last week so no need to show it again

The Jaywiz VPN members get all the above WELL IN ADVANCE, and become aware of potential
for the WEEK AHEAD which is confirmed daily via the EKG

Stay tuned for further updates

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