WARNING - WARNING Will Robinson- Danger Dead Ahead

WARNING - WARNING Will Robinson- Danger Dead Ahead

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Market Timing -Whats Next ! ! TIME IS RUNNING OUT

Take a look at these 2 charts

The SPX is nearing a 10 year cycle SOMETHING from a March 2003 MAJOR PIVOT LOW.

IS THIS GOING TO REPEAT that in 2013?? NOT LIKELY- However, IT COULD BE Offering a 10 YEAR TOP leading to a 12 year CYCLE LOW in 2015 -- JAY - IF THAT'S THE CASE< THEN HOW LOW IS LOW??

SILVER is headed to the price range as noted

IGNORE ALL THOSE PUNDITS trying to GET you to BUY STOCKS, proposing an SPX at 1600 -- BAH HUMBUG, and ALL THOSE Hollywood people telling you GET on the BAND WAGON FOR GOLD & Silver --

THEY ARE LATE TO THE PARTY  - THE HIGH for GOLD in 1980 at $850 took till 1999 to bottom out at $250, THAT'S NINETEEN YEARS later, when it got to a point that NO ONE 
EVER WANTED TO HEAR the word GOLD, ever again.

TAKE A LESSON from Father Time. a MARKET that runs from $250 to $1900 in 12 years WILL NOT just keep on TICKING-- NOT UNTIL it gets setback to a considerably lower price.

 IF YOUR NOT SURE what is being proposed, then you need to join the JAYWIZ VPN and get a clear picture of day to day activity . THEN the LONG term will fall into place as we go. BUT it is paramount to have a LONG TERM PERSPECTIVE such as this.

WHEN will this BEGIN to happen ??  
Thats a GREAT QUESTION, since its obvious that such an event is not an overnight sensation. 

AS noted it should take at least 3 years to get to a critical bottom in 2015, but then HOW LONG will it take to get out of it> WELL thats a question for another time. 

AS FOR NOW, we need to become AWARE of the PITFALLS coming in 2013. IVE already alerted you to what IM CONSIDERING the FIRST SHOCK WAVE to  hit WORLD Markets with at least a 25% decline in stock prices.

To find out more, You know what you need to do

Stay Tuned for Further udpates

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