POWER DATA ONE WEEK AHEAD - Provides an 80% Correlation to the SPX

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Market Timing-Whats Next!! Compare Jaywiz EKG & Comments

WE have 2 EKG models that assist our endeavors to determine the best course of action for trading the next day and part of the day after-- as shown, Feb 13th & 14th.

BOTH of these EKG'S were sent out at 8am today giving us a heads up for the days action.
In addition we also provided the following daily data
 *2/13 - EXPECT A POSITIVE EARLY START, with difficult trends later and less effective in the afternoon.

AS SUCH, we are NOT EXPECTING anything severe on the downside THIS WEEK.
Ive noted that several times.
BUT after the 15th, the MARKET will be under a DIFFERENT ENERGY PATTERN
making the 19th SUSCEPTIBLE to a one day HORRIFIC looking sell off.

THE LOWER EKG shows MORE DETAIL as per intraday SWINGS while the one on top shows
overall direction more clearly.
Both show potential for an afternoon recovery. IF it does NOT occur today, what often happens
then is we get it the next morning.

THE MOST IMPORTANT thing we will get from the EKG will come out on MONDAY at 7pm when we will get to see JUST What to expect for Tuesday, FEB 19th. WE do expect the EKG to CONFIRM a serious decline, and will be sending that out to VPN members as noted on Monday at 7pm.

IF IM RIGHT and the SPX runs at or above 1525 on FRIDAY, I WILL BE SHORTING THE CLOSE at the latest, or just might add shorts from 1pm thru to 4pm.

Using the 40 pt rule of thumb , it is possible we might get to the 1543-1546 level this week
its very simple math and Ive shownt he VPN group just how viable the 40 pt rule of thumb is.
 1266 + 280 = 1546  ((((((( 7 X 40 = 280
 1343 + 200 = 1543 ((((((( 5 X 40 = 200
 80 pts between those runs is also a 40 X 2
You can take that rule of thumb all the way back to Mar9 @666, and LONG BEFORE that.
23 X 40 = 920pts, and the SPX LOST 910 pts from HIGH to Low.

NO, this is NOT 100% ALL the TIME, but we have been getting an 80% correlation for more than 2 years now.

Stay Tuned For Further Updates

AMAZING, talking heads on CNBC have been SMILING  for 3 months now singing the BULL
TUNE ALL THE WAY UP THRU yesterday, BUT NOW THE MKT has hit 1525 and appears to be backing off some giving rise to <>CORRECTION talk- What will the SAY on FRIDAY when the SPX reaches up to 1545 area and the DOW runs up near its previous 2007 top?

OF COURSE,  Maria will give a GIDDY closing report with SMILES and praises to the bull.
What will be the MOOD ON Tuesday??  Hmmm

NO~~~, SORRY, ~~~A ONE DAY drop of UP TO 5% does NOT constitute a crash
but does conform to the 40 pt rule X 2.


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