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Friday, February 08, 2013

Market Timing-Whats Next!! LONG CYCLES CONVERGE

                                Peter Eliades on CNBC this afternoon
                         says the FEB 6th coincides with MAJOR TURNS & Changes
                         including Oct19th 1987, and other significant dates in the past

                           Heres another one that I just ran- from this cycle that I noted previously.
                           Feb 7th  = 987 tr days takes us back to March 9,09

                        That means HIS LONG term and My FIBO are on or about the same date

                       ONE more
                       987 tr days x 10 = 9870
                       9870/ 260 tr days per yr = 37.96 years
                      2012- 38 years = 1974
                      we still have to see just what Monday FEb 11th brings
                      IF only a minor dip within the FIBO from 1400 to 1518
                     then we STILL have one more high on the 15th at possibly 1525
                     ONE MORE shot at 1566 late March

                    IF the mkt falls out of bed next week, then any recovery should be considered only  
                   a minor retrace.                   
                   From Mar9th to SPX 1370 in 2010 and the current high from that point 
                   (High to High) are just about EQUAL in TIME to TODAY

                   Stay Tuned for Further Updates 

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